Mobile Computing Prioritizing Ergonomics

2018-11-02 12:27:12

Silesian TM  is a company that is in a class of its own with the innovative creation of the Silesian case. It has not only changed computing convenience but also improved health while at it.  The Silesian case has an ergonomic table stand and briefcase in one body. Apart from looking trendy and stylish with the briefcase, an individual has the advantage of having access to all the accessories they might need. A student would be well equipped with all their necessities for a class. It has adequate room to contain an AC adapter and charger, full-sized tablet PC, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, USB battery pack, USB accessories, mobile phone, wallet, and passport. What a relief! Especially on those days, you forget to charge before leaving the house. In addition, the case is compatible with a variety of tablets; Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, Asus Transformer Pro, Lenovo Miix, Google Pixel Slate to Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Trendy and Spacious Briefcase

Ergonomic Table Stand And Briefcase

Bloggers can just type away under a palm tree with a pina colada in hand, watching the sunset because the ergonomic stand elevates the tablet for a better view, preventing bad posture while exploiting the high-resolution display. The Silesian case computes ergonomics where anyone can travel while working, without hunching over and freelance writers can now avoid occupational health issues such as back pains, sore necks, short-sightedness or even the need of pain relievers after writing. With a Silesian case who needs a desk? It has a solid base that enhances the ease of working on the lap. You can literally work in any environment without the fear of dropping it.

Elevated Tablet using the Ergonomic Table Stand

Protective Casing

Children or teachers who use the tablet for entertainment or school work benefit greatly from the Silesian Case since it provides a strong cushion against damage. Everyone knows how these little beings can be careless and rowdy. I have been freelance writing for a while now and losing focus while typing happens more often than not or placing tablets haphazardly falling them in the process.  Destruction of the tablet could be very detrimental to any vital content or work contained. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

Type with Ease

I once bought my aunt an iPad but for the life of her, she could not fathom why I wasted my money on it. This is because she found typing using a tablet very tasking. Silesian case has been designed to provide comfort while typing with its compacted but spongy base just right to well position your wrists in the process. The keyboard is positioned at a lower level relative to the hands to create a secure wrist position. Furthermore, using a touchpad has never been this simplified.

Type with Ease


Netflix and Chill

If this is not the best thing that has happened to movie lovers I do not know what is. My best friend and I suffer a lot from our terrible watching positions which cause hips sore. Every so often we need to keep changing sides or adjusting the tablet in a bid to ease discomfort. However, the Silesian case erases all that. The ergonomic stand that hoists the tablet up and the steady base provides for a better watching experience. Not forgetting the high-resolution display, which enhances the 4K viewing experience. Now, individuals can watch Youtube videos, series, movies, music with no trouble.


Effortless and comfortable watching


It is without a doubt that Silesian TM  has revamped the Mobile Computing industry by introducing remarkable accessories.


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