Mobile Computing with The Silesian Case

Mobile Computing can simply be explained as ‘human-computer-interaction’ and is inarguably an integral part of our daily lives. Our Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or smartwatches are evidence of the current rage of easy-to-access data and information.  

Whether you are a freelancer, a student, a busy mother or a multi-tasked assistant, mobile computing is what you are doing all the time.   While the reality of mobile computing has its benefits, the common woes of extensive hours of screen time especially if you are constantly on-the-go has its downside too.  This perhaps is an ideal cue to introduce the new Silesian Case.

What is this Case?

A super portable workstation designed to hold your smart mobile device along with your daily accessories while on the go. A perfect companion for the new age of mobile computing, the stylish Silesian Case looks like another smart briefcase or a savvy document folder but delightfully comes across as a surprise when it opens up to recreate your very own private mobile workspace, anywhere you want it to.
The case comes equipped with an adjustable elevated stand to hold the tablet at your most convenient height. What’s more? Just about any mobile tablet can fit right into this smart case whether it is a Microsoft Surface, an iPad Pro, a Lenovo miix or a Google slate.

Enhance the Benefits of Mobile Computing

Personalize your work

Mobile Computing has the unique ability to mould itself to any individual preference and has spawned the generation of freelance entrepreneurs and business start-ups. The Silesian Case steps in here to relieve the agony of extensive hours of laptop or tablet work.  This case is ergonomically designed with an adjustable height option to help you sit up straight & relieve that tension off your spine. What this provides is an aid to avoid a sore neck or cramped shoulder muscles while helping to improve posture. The firm yet spongy base supports the wrist, makes typing so much easier.

Improve your Social Engagement

With most University students and working mothers preferring this hardware for Mobile Computing, the Silesian Case is an interesting choice for the tablet user. Special emphasis has been given to make the Silesian Case easily portable. Not much bigger than a normal laptop it encloses an entire workstation inside a simple briefcase or folder. The stable platform of the Silesian case becomes the much-needed base for a keyboard, making it an ideal companion for the freelancer, traveller or anybody on the move.  The use of premium quality, shock absorbent composite material protects the device from sudden impact or unexpected damage during transit.


Connect to Impress and make an Impact

The chic and sleek Silesian Case can comfortably hold most of the basic travelling gears or all daily accessories too. With enough space for a regular size tablet, an adaptor or charger, a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, a mobile phone, a USB battery pack, wallet, keys and a passport; this is your one-stop solution answer to the current rage of ‘mobile computing’.

Srijana PS

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