Protection For Your Tablet PC: Made With Your Comfort in Mind

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine life without laptops. It’s crazy to think that whenever you want to research about something before, you actually have to go out and go through various books, journals, or news articles one by one. Getting information back then was a tedious process especially for students who had to write papers, proposals, and research. In this new age when innovations are being made left and right, it can be quite difficult to keep up. Every student’s new bestfriend seem to be tablet PCs — it lets you accomplish everything that a normal laptop could but with less weight and sometimes at a cheaper price, too.

One downside is that tablet PCs cannot stand on its own. You have to buy a case to support it so you won’t have to hold it constantly. There are a lot of protective cases out there – some come in cute designs and some plain, and some would just opt to buy a protective sticker and hope there’s a surface they can prop it up against. But just as much as you invest in your new gadget, you also have to invest in a case that lasts for a long time, and helps you do your job comfortably.

With everything being fast-paced especially for students (tons of papers and never ending research projects), you have to be able to be carry your things and set it up just as easily. And because there’s a lot to be accomplished within a day, you also have to put your comfort in mind. This is where the Silesian Case comes in.

Carry It Everywhere

Available for a wide variety of tablet PCs (Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple iPad Pro, Asus Transformer Pro, Lenovo Miix, Google Pixel Slate, and Samsung Galaxy Tab), it looks like a briefcase that can not only carry your tablet but its accessories as well. You don't have to worry about not having enough room for your chargers, mouse, keyboard, and wallet. It comes with a strap so it’s easier for you to bring your tablet PC around with you wherever you go, and lessen the chances of you misplacing it.

It’s made of quality materials that can absorb shock – protecting your gadget from damages that can be caused by traveling (i.e. accidentally bumping into a pole, getting squished in a crowded train car). Your device would be fully covered on all sides so you don’t have to fret about cracked edges.

Use It Anywhere

Made with amazing ergonomics, the Silesian Case also comes with a stable base that allows you to use your tablet on your lap so you can use it anywhere without worrying about it falling on the floor. This stand also elevates the screen so you don’t have to hunch over for hours while you try to beat that deadline at 12MN. This helps improve your posture by relieving tension on your spine brought about by bending your back for too much and for too long. Its keyboard dock also allows your wrist to be in a neutral position when you have to type or use the trackpad. Less stress on your wrist and back, less stress for you.

The Case For You

It can be quite difficult to find a case that thinks of your comfort but Silesian does just that, it’s made to protect your device with your comfort in mind.


Pia San Felipe

Pia is a twenty-something medical student from the Philippines. When she’s not busy trying to be a neurosurgeon, she roams wherever her feet (and budget) may take her. She’s been to various places in her home country and continent (Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore). Today Asia, tomorrow, the rest of the world.