Silesian Case: A Mobile Office for Workers on the Go!

In today’s world, the workplace is constantly changing and evolving.  With advances in technology, more and more people are switching from working in traditional office settings to working from home or on the go.  People are easily able to work from their laptops and tablets right from their homes or even in remote locations.  Especially for digital nomads and people traveling for business, there is more of a need for easily accessible technology anywhere you go.  With changing technology in the workplace and increasing opportunities to work in various locations outside of the office, people are in need of solutions that offer both safety and mobility.

Fully enclosed case offers support and protection for all your devices

The Silesian Case offers a stylish fully enclosed briefcase to store your tablet PC and all of your other gadgets.  With this slim yet spacious case, you can easily carry your tablet PC and all of your other electronics.  Made from shock absorbent composite material, the Silesian Case ensures all of your most important devices are protected during all of your travels. In addition to holding your tablet PC, there is plenty of room to store your adapters/chargers, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, cell phone, battery pack, wallet and passport.  You can be sure you won’t forget anything and will always have a convenient carry-on bag for your flights!

Mobile Workstation Anywhere you go

In addition to being a supportive case for your tablet during all of your travels, the Silesian case transforms into a complete mobile workstation – making it super convenient to do all of your work from any location – and still maintain good occupational health.  This ergonomic stand is firmly attached to a stable base which allows you to easily and comfortably use your tablet on your lap while maintaining good posture.  Whether you’re in the airport, at a coffee shop, or in the mountains, you’ll always have your portable desk with you to get your work done!

Features provide comfort and promote good posture

With the Silesian case’s platform and elevated screen, you won’t have to hunch over the screen – especially when you are spending those long hours trying to meet your deadlines!  The stand also allows you to use it on your lap easily when you don’t have a desk available.  Its firm yet spongy base makes it easy to type and provides a comfortable base to rest your hands.  All of these features are geared specifically toward those who are on the go and need to do their work from various locations!

Whether you are a business traveler, digital nomad, or freelancer, the Silesian case provides the perfect platform for you to readily work anywhere you go.  Its ergonomic design and features all work to specifically address your consumer and business needs.  Its unique all-in-one design allows you to turn any place into an office for you to get your work done.  The convenience, comfort, and protection offered from the Silesian case are like no other!

Lauren Himes

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