Silesian Case: Enhance Productivity and Ergonomics of Tablet Use


Are you a frequent tablet user? Ever since the advent of Apple’s iPad, tablets have become a part of people’s lives, redefining how most people work (and play) today. As a freelance writer and blogger, I use a tablet quite often, so do my kids, and I imagine many of our readers do too. The smaller size and lighter weight (portability) of these handheld devices give them an edge over the conventional desktop and laptop computers.

In the paragraphs that follow I will try to break down the risks involved with long-term tablet use and some simple strategies to improve and its boost productivity.

The Ergonomics of Tablet Use

The convenience of having both keyboard and screen on the same device is what makes tablets so popular and convenient. This convenience is also the major ergonomic shortcoming of tablets for long-term use. This is because, for a typical tablet, there is no way to optimise the hand location and neck position at the same time. Hence, more bent neck posture is required to view the screen – which is most likely placed on a table or even in a lap. This posture is associated with a much greater load on the neck and poses great musculoskeletal demands on the body.

How to Reduce Ergonomic Risk

Limiting ergonomic risk for tablet use is simple: get things into more comfortable positions. This can be achieved with ease by using a tablet stand. Here’s where the Silesian tablet stand comes in.

The Silesian Case

The Silesian Tablet Stand was borne with the human form in mind, so the unique design addresses the concerns above and more.

  • Aside from acting as a briefcase for your tablet when not in use, its ergonomic stand elevates your tablet screen, so you can view it without having to lean forward. Thus, you maintain proper posture while still seeing what appears as though it is a laptop screen.

  • It also has a firm but spongy base to rest your hands on while typing; more like a wrist pad.

  • The Silesian composite case protects your tablet from impact and it has enough room for everything you need.

  • It is manufactured with eco-friendly material and with ergonomic concerns in mind. It allows you to work stress-free and it is easy to use.


Productive Boost

With internet access and possibly cloud services available everywhere, the workplace can be moved to a more convenient device like a tablet. You will agree with me that sometimes it is easier to work with tablets than with normal computers. I have had instances where I couldn’t bring my laptop but instead whipped out my tablet and continued with my writing.

The Silesian Case also contributes to productivity while keeping human factors in mind. It doubles as a stand and case, firmly attached to a stable base to provide a platform to use your device on your lap. So you can use your tablet anywhere, anytime.

Now go get one of these babies for your tablet!

Ummu Hurayrah

I am a freelance writer, editor and self-published author. I am a graduate of Biology and I also write fictional stories on my blog. When I am not writing, I love to read, spend time with family and try out new recipes.