Silesian Case: Ergonomic Prevention For Bad Posture

In the digital world, many people are office workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, teachers, accountant or just students. We all are spending a lot of hours sitting in front of a computer to manage our tasks. With the time we should be concern about our occupational health because often such a work can be a reason for bad posture. The bad posture itself can cause neck and back pains, poor digestion, problems with blood circulation, breathing, heart, joints diseases and diseases caused by sore muscles. So we should not underestimate the poor posture and we should look for a solution on how to improve our occupational health in order to improve our posture. After research, I found one really innovate solution that can improve our bad posture significantly while we are working – Silesian Stand and Case in One. How this case can improve your posture?

Ergonomic design

The result of sitting all day at the desk and looking down at the computer, tablet or smartphone is the main reason for the bad posture of your body. Often the problem is not in the right position of the device and the screen you are looking at, because it makes you bend lower in order to see better on it.

Elevated screen

The ergonomic design of Silesian Case is made in such a way that the stand holds your tablet screen elevated. This lets you sit up straight and it relieves the tension on your spine and prevents the back pain and sore neck. The screen is also on a better angle and lifted closer to your eyes, so you naturally keep your spinal core straight. This is a really good solution because in a long run is preventing your posture from damages. The ergonomic stand is even more helpful for short-sighted or really tall people that usually have a problem with the positions of the screen of the devices because the risk for the bad posture is higher for them.

Ergonomic accessories

Perfect supplements to the ergonomic design are the ergonomic appliances included in the stand. The Silesian Case has an ergonomic arch mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard that fit perfectly on your hands and keep your wrists in a neutral position while typing, which gives them a chance to rest. It definitely helps for your proper position of the body and your occupational health.

Portable and comfortable

Silesian Case is not just a briefcase, but it is a whole workstation. The best feature of the case is actually its portability. It becomes an ergonomic desk that you can use anywhere. No matter if you are at home, on the couch, in the bed, in a coffee, in nature, hike in the mountain or just around the swimming pool, this case is a perfect working desk for your lap. While you are on your business trips or vacation, you still have to think about your occupational health and comfort. On the plane, in different conference or hotel rooms, the tablet is often the reason for bad posture. It is practical and comfortable to use and write no matter where you are.

Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

I am Mariya from Bulgaria and I am an adventurous person who is inspired to live a life full of interesting and challenging possibilities. My varied work experience as an expert in political campaigns, screenplay writer in a TV program, a manager in an online company, an assistant manager of a hotel, an exotic destination wedding expert and an ambassador’s program lead of an educational blockchain is the reason to give me an excellent opportunity to explore new areas, develop my skills and gain valuable experience that makes me more curious about life. That’s why I have lived in 4 countries and I have travelled to 55+ countries.