Silesian Case Provides Comfort and Convenient Tablet Use

In our fast-paced digital society, technology has become a necessity in almost every aspect of our lives.  From our jobs to our social calendar and everything in between, we rely on our devices to stay connected, informed, and organized in our busy lives.   

More and more, we are seeing a shift from our bulkier desktop or larger laptop computers to more sleek devices – tablets and tablet PC’s such as the iPad Pro, Surface Pro and Google  Pixel Slate. These devices provide the added benefits of convenience, mobility, and efficiency – making them easy to use no matter where you go.

Changing Technology Causes Posture Problems

With the surge in the use of portable digital devices – including smartphones, kindle readers, tablets, tablet PC’s and laptops, there is an increase in posture-related problems in our society.  These problems arise due to the positions in which we are naturally inclined to use these types of devices. As these devices have become a central part of our lives, we tend to spend large portions of our days hunched over a screen.  Neck and back issues are becoming increasingly concerning not only in older adults, but also in the younger generations due to the ways in which we use technology.

An Ergonomic Solution

The Silesian case offers an all-in-one ergonomic tablet stand and carrying case.  With its efficient design, it transforms your tablet into a complete mobile workspace.  Wherever you go, the Silesian case provides a convenient typing surface and an elevated stand.  The stand facilitates good posture – allowing you to use your tablet at a more comfortable viewing height and avoid straining your neck.  It makes it easier to sit up straight and see the full screen clearly without the added spinal tension. It also includes the perfect base for typing – firm yet spongy, leaving room for your wrists to rest.  The sunken position of the keyboard relieves some of the tension in your hands by keeping them at a neutral position.

Protection for your Device and Accessories

Made of shock-absorbent composite materials, your device is sure to remain protected from any damage or impacts that may occur during your day.  It is fully enclosed and has plenty of room to fit everything you need – your tablet as well as all your accessories. Almost any tablet will fit with this case – a protective lining is also provided for smaller tablets to prevent it from being bumped around.

Supporting Physical and Mental Health

In this day and age, the use of mobile devices is essential in our day-to-day lives.  As something that we use not only every day but frequently throughout the day, we must be aware of and smart in the ways we use our technology.  The constant pressure of looking down at our tablets throughout the day every day is negatively impacting our health. The Silesian case’s design supports good posture and promotes physical and mental health.  Sitting in an upright position has been proven to not only benefit your physical health, but also to improve your mental health in numerous ways such as increasing productivity and improving concentration.

The Silesian case lets you utilize all the amazing aspects of having a tablet with the added benefit of having a compact workstation accessible wherever you go!  This ergonomic case will ensure your most important device is protected at all times and will support your overall physical and mental health in your use of technology. 

Lauren Himes

Hello! My name is Lauren. I am a freelance writer and a travel/lifestyle blogger! I have experience writing about various topics including health, technology, photography, and personal development. In my blog, I particularly write about my various travel experiences – living and working abroad, exploring new cultures and cuisines, learning new languages, and solo backpacking. I also write positive thinking articles which focus on topics such as meditation, mindfulness, and mental health. All in all, I hope that my writing helps to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and make the most of their experiences.