Silesian Case: Providing Entertainment with Ergonomics in Mind

Silesian is proud to support freelancers, remote working individuals and digital nomads with the world’s first ergonomic tablet case, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience when it comes to relaxing during free time. In a world that is so heavily interconnected via the web, much of the media we consume for entertainment is now readily available to be viewed on a mobile computer. The tablet allows us to engage in our hobbies, social activities and video watching capabilities wherever we are and in whatever way we like. However, whether it’s you, your children, your parents or grandparents using the tablet device, there’s always a concern that spending too much time hunched over a small screen spells a recipe for poor health, which may even lead to chronic discomfort.

Supportive Tablet Stand, Wherever You Are

If you’re planning a day of home entertainment on the sofa for your long-awaited time off, rest assured you can catch up on your favourite series in comfort. The Silesian tablet case is cleverly designed to support the tablet securely, meaning you can have the device at any angle without always needing to keep hold of it in your hands. This the particularly handy, after all, when the point of free time is sometimes to enjoy doing very little, isn’t it?

No Need to Aggravate Back or Neck Problems

If you or a family member tends to suffer from a sore back, shoulder or neck pain, a standard tablet kickstand could intensify the symptoms. Unlike the ergonomic tablet stand developed by Silesian for better posture, a standard kickstand case doesn’t position the tablet screen well. Constantly hunching over it when in your free time does no good for your body and only stimulates the aches and pains you could really do without.

Elevated Screen for Easy Visibility

If you’re a digital nomad taking time out of your travel itinerary to video chat your friends and relatives back home, you’ll likely want to make sure they can see everything around you. With the Silesian tablet case, you and your loved ones can share the experience together at a suitable ergonomic screen distance that will encourage you all to get comfortable and let you talk for hours.

Wrist Support for Budding Writers

Even if writing is your hobby rather than your day job, or you simply love keeping in touch with your friends on Messenger in your spare time, you can still benefit from comfortable wrists with the Silesian tablet case. The inclusion of the ergonomic wrist pad provides the necessary support you need to type without over-arching your wrists repetitively, therefore reducing the risk of tissue damage and uncomfortable nerve conditions.

Now you’ve taken a look at some of the reasons why the Silesian tablet case is the perfect ergonomic solution to using a mobile computing device, you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable whether you’re working or spending much-needed time to yourself with home entertainment and engaging in your hobbies.

Gemma Crane

Gemma is a copywriter and blogger with a passion for simple and intentional living. On her blog, she shares articles about working towards a more fulfilled and happier life as well as tips for creative entrepreneurs looking to showcase their talents in their own business. Gemma has a degree in Tourism Management and has written content online and in print for the travel, automotive, technology, lifestyle and fashion sectors.