Silesian Case: The Best Gear For Your Tablet PC

Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs often use multiple gadgets like iPads, Surface pro etc during their daily work routine. They might spend a huge amount of time on their gadgets, which might affect their productivity.

For a digital nomad, productivity is the key to work efficiently. While they work on their gadgets for a long time, the wrong posture of their body might affect their back. It can also cause spinal or other related health issues.

Silesian Case: For a Productive Lifestyle

The best alternative for such a problem is to have a stand that could fix their gadget at a certain position so it gives comfort and also, cause no harm. One can choose from thousands of mobile stands and cases present in the market. But it is found that most of them lack the ergonomics, and are ineffective in use.

How Other Tablet Cases Are Not Up To The Mark

While there is a wide range of tablet stands available, none of them offers good mobility. You can buy laptop stands, but then you would have to carry a second keyboard. Also, the tablet stands are mostly made for desktop use.

Some of those stands are not designed such that they can be used in any condition provided.

Silesian Case, on the other hand, proves to be an all-in-one briefcase, which can be used for every device you use on a daily basis. Be it your tablet, mobile phone, power-bank, or any gadget, Silesian case can be the right gear to carry all your gadgets and also use it as an ergonomic stand.

Silesian Case: Handy For Workspace

Yes, you heard it right. It is not just a case for your tablet, but also a stand to assist you everywhere. Let’s discuss more in details…

What Can You Expect From Silesian Case

The slim case can carry your tablet and other tech accessories to make it handy at your workplace or while traveling.

It has a firmly attached stable base, which provides a platform for tablet PC on your lap and then there’s no fear of dropping it on the floor.

The inventors of this case have ensured a comfortable experience for a writer or a freelancer while using this gear. There’s a spongy base for writers, so they can rest their wrists while typing and keep their hands in a neutral position.

Also, to ensure that your tablet PC or mobile remains in a pristine position, Silesian inventors have made sure that this case encloses your gadget from all sides and protects it from any drops.

Silesian Case Offers the Best Protection for Your Gadget

So, while you head towards your classroom or your travel to any remote place, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets, because Silesian case will take care of it. Since, you can carry all types of gadgets in a single case, so that you never question again about having more space in your bag.

With Silesian case, you can carry a tablet PC, AC adapters, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, battery pack, mobile phone and much more.

How Is It Beneficial For Tall And Short-Sighted People

How Silesian Case Benefits Tall & Short Sighted People

The handmade case is highly beneficial for tall people who don’t have any alternative but to alter their posture and use these gadgets. Also, there are not enough products available in the market for tall-height people. Silesian stand can elevate their screen at an angle to make it a different experience for you when you use your tablet PC.

Also, it can help short-sighted people to watch from a regular distance. So that they avoid neck hunching as well as, troubling their eyes.

Ergonomic Case For Workplace

Silesian Case is Ergonomic

Silesian Case can prove to be one of the best gear at a workplace, because of its mobility, weight, size, and design. It is handy enough to use and very much effective for any businessman to do Skype chat or host any meetings using their gadgets from any corner of the world.

Sanket Kalambe

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