Silesian Case: The Best Office Solution For Business Travellers

Nowadays many professionals are making long business travels. Financial analyzers, consultants, managers and many others have to travel for visiting key customers, suppliers or building new partnerships in other companies locations. Others are travelling for professional development, networking, identifying trends, extending new markets, for evaluating projects or just promoting new products. If you are one of them you already know how uncomfortable is to have all your office with you, your laptop or tablet with all presentations, tables, statistics or advertisements. The most important for you is that during your trip many times you need to work on them because of tide schedule or combining different business trips or partners.

Usually bringing with you all the things you need for your business duties could be too much, messy, not stylish or uncomfortable. If you are recognizing yourself, I will recommend you the best solution for your problems – Silesian Ergonomic Tablet Stand & Case in One.


All your office in one briefcase. How nice could be? There is enough room for your full-sized tablet, charger, keyboard, mouse, mobile, battery pack, USB accessories, wallet and passport. This briefcase is perfect for passing customs, border police or security on the airport and borders. In the same way is also nice, easy and compactly organized in one briefcase.


No matter where you are during your trip, the Silesian Case is your ergonomic desk next to you that fits perfect everywhere – on your lap or on the aeroplane table. It is amazing for typing with its design made to fit human form and to give a possibility your wrists to rest while typing.


When you are not using your workstation, Silesian Case is a nice stylish briefcase, which suits you perfect with your casual, smart casual and official attire. It is made from the best manufacturer in Europe and is made of Eco-friendly high-quality leather with a high coefficient of wear resistance and resistance to all travel activities. So it could be an elegant final touch of your outfit and it is unisex. Like this, you will always be ready for an official business meeting or a refreshing drink.


Silesian Case is perfect protection for a tablet because it fully covers your device on all sides and corners. So it is protected of damage from dropping or different kind of impact during daily transit while you are on your business travel. One less thing you to be worried about!

Improve your posture

While you are on your business trips, you still have to think about your occupational health. On the plane, in different conference or hotel rooms, or on a bench, the tablet is often the reason for bad posture. Usually, everyone is just leaning forward with a serious bend of your spinal core which causes also sore neck and damages your posture in long run. The Silesian Case is a perfect workstation with an ergonomic stand that holds your tablet screen up which makes you work in a straight posture without tension on your back and is suitable even for really tall people.


Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

I am Mariya from Bulgaria and I am an adventurous person who is inspired to live a life full of interesting and challenging possibilities. My varied work experience as an expert in political campaigns, screenplay writer in a TV program, a manager in an online company, an assistant manager of a hotel, an exotic destination wedding expert and an ambassador’s program lead of an educational blockchain is the reason to give me an excellent opportunity to explore new areas, develop my skills and gain valuable experience that makes me more curious about life. That’s why I have lived in 4 countries and I have travelled to 55+ countries.