Silesian Case; The go to product for Digital Nomads

2018-11-11 12:37:20

The Silesian Case brings so much convenience when it comes to Digital Nomads in Freelance Writing. Other than having a stylish look, the Silesian Case is no bigger than the size of a normal laptop. It also gives you peace of mind that the contents carried by the case are safe since the case is fully enclosed and made from a shock absorbent material.

Perfect Size

No Occupational Health Issues

As a blogger, writing is done anywhere anytime. The Silesian Case comes in handy by providing a platform which enables you to use a tablet on your lap. In addition, the ergonomic stand ensures that you do not have a bad posture when writing by holding your tablet up in front of you such that you are seated in an upright position and you do not have to lean forward. This helps prevent Occupational Health issues that would otherwise come up due to bad sitting posture.

No Bad Posture

Typing on the go

No matter where you are working from as a digital nomad, the Silesian Case provides ease and efficiency in typing or using a touchpad. It does this by giving your wrist a more neutral position with its firm but spongy base and the keyboard in a sunken position relative to the hands. This is definitely a plus since you do not have to strain looking for a perfect location to get work done. More so, you can purchase the Bluetooth mouse; Microsoft Arc Torch with an amazing design which has two points of contact that enables you to use it on both soft and uneven surface. You can make the Bluetooth mouse completely flat when storing it which makes it occupy less space and also switches the mouse off.

Ease Typing

All your Gear in One Case

Literally, the  Silesian Case works as a one-stop case. You will be able to carry all your essentials in the case which includes; your Tablet PC, AC Adapter & Charger, Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse, Mobile Phone, USB Battery Pack, Wallet & Passport, and USB Accessories. The case provides so much convenience not only in terms of carrying them around but it also has different storage areas which helps that you do not forget your essentials or worse, you misplace them.

One Stop Case

Compatible with almost all Tablets

We all want to purchase a device that is compatible with almost all tablets so that we get our money’s worth. The Silesian Case is compatible with any tablet with a kickstand such as; Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Miix, Apple Ipad Pro and in the case that your tablet does not have a kickstand, you can use a special accessory. If the model of your tablet does not work unless the keyboard/cover is not physically connected to the device, you will need to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

It is amazing how the Silesian Case is so convenient and efficient as it is by being compatible with almost all tablets while providing a solution where the tablet may not be compatible. It definitely gives value for money.





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