Silesian case: The traveller's office

Ever since the age of portable computers, tablets and Ipads, protective cases have been designed to be compact, fit the keyboard and screen of your choice and be easily storable in any mode of transport, be it a car, aeroplane or bicycle.  Now, the new to the market Silesian case, with its ergonomic, eco-friendly design will provide for ease and comfort as you travel the world and write about it, study for that exam or degree or easily access your digital collection of recipes when cooking your favourite meal for family or friends.

The modern traveller

In times gone by I wrote my travel logs by hand, scrawling notes in multiple ‘travel diaries’. Whilst fun to look back on, the ink fades, the pages fall out, the writing sometimes indecipherable; and, they take up space on the bookshelf.

Fast track into the modern world where computers, tablets, Ipads and phones ‘are the way to go’. Being a digital nomad, using a computer is much tidier, easier for correcting mistakes, while still offering scope for sketching a drawing. However, when travelling, a challenge is finding the ‘one’ digital device that is suited for where you are travelling, can fulfil all of your needs, and be ergonomically transportable and usable.

Inspiring moments

Seeing me carrying my bigger heavier computer around Ladakh in late 2017, my husband decided to surprise me with a smaller, more portable computer for travelling, writing, and doing my day to day work while ‘on the road’. His research resulted in a ‘Surface Pro’. My one requirement was the need for a computer keyboard rather than just a tablet, and the ‘Surface Pro’ suits all needs. It is light, portable, easy to use, fast and stable. I have used it on flights (offline), whilst travelling to remote areas in various countries, and found it easy to store and access for airport security checks.

The answer to all our ergonomic needs

Protecting such a valuable item is made easier with the all in one ‘Silesian’ tablet stand and briefcase. Durable, waterproof, and made from vegan-friendly eco-leather, this carry case is handmade in Europe. The ‘Silesian case’ has space to keep all your cords, phone, battery packs, and other accessories in one place. The case turns into a stand to hold your tablet or computer, providing a stable place to work from. Its ergonomic design protects your back and neck while working, and extends to protecting your eyes by having the screen at a level that ensures easier visualisation of your work.

Comfortable and eco-friendly

Born out of a need for comfort, the Silesian case is the solution to so many travel companion accessories that is a must for all digital nomads and freelance writers like myself but extends to many other populations – of which you may be a part. Take, for example, college and school students, parents and teachers, people with health problems who might even be in a hospital bed, and those who might have posture or eyesight problems. Last, but not least, are the gadget geeks, lovers of new inventions and products, as well as those who lovingly care for the environment–the eco-friendly computer users and travellers.

Convenience, ease and grace

So now when I travel, I can carry my ‘Surface Pro’ in my hand and have it available in all situations, on the plane, during the layovers, in the coffee shop, at the B&B, or visiting family. It is unobtrusive in its fashionable case which is a smart accessory to a business suit or a holiday outfit. You won’t regret your purchase and you may well become the envy of all your friends!

TeresaGlobalTravels Teresa Lynch

As a young adult, I wanted to travel and write – I now get to do both. In the interim, I became a registered nurse and gained a Masters in Health Science and bought up a family of 4 children – who live scattered around the world, providing me with destinations and stories. I also practice and teach Accunect, a holistic healing practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I practice meditation and enjoy my collective and extended family of Oneness and Buddhist friends. My husband loves to cook and we explore the food of the world, particularly Mediterranean cuisine. This myriad of experiences feeds and inspires my writing. We are always researching and planning the next trip.