Silesian for School: Learning with an Ergonomic Tablet Case

Coupled with today's heavier emphasis on the capabilities of mobile computing in the IT industry, tablets are being used more frequently in learning environments. In the UK, a 2014 study by Techknowledge for Schools found 69% of their 671-school sample were using tablets in education, which combined results from both primary and secondary schools who participated in the research. On a global scale, there are already several countries initiating mass mobile technology deployment schemes inside their education sector. As day-to-day use of tablet devices grows, so does the prevalence of health concerns when working with mobile computers. Silesian sought to find a solution, to alleviate health problems associated with tablet use and to explain why an ergonomic tablet case could be the answer.

Silesian's Ergonomic Design Mitigates Back Pain

Damage to physical development in children is a real worry for parents and education providers. As children grow, any damage caused by slouching could lead to a greater risk of chronic back pain in adulthood. Increasing use of tablets in schools and education centres calls for greater care into the way children and teenagers are handling tablets in their learning environments. Silesian's tablet case is designed specifically with this in mind, adopting an ergonomic structure to ensure the tablet screen is held up at an appropriate height to encourage better posture when sitting, therefore reducing the risk of back pain.

Reduced Tension on the Wrist When Typing

Writing and typing exercises are key in IT education and completion of work, so a concern for parents and teachers is the lack of wrist support when using a tablet device flat on the table-top. Silesian's tablet case provides a holistic approach to ergonomic suitability by simulating a laptop-style of typing position, with added support for the wrists on a firm, but spongy base. This keeps the wrists in a more neutral position, which is far more comfortable than the over-arched, exaggerated position required for table-top tablet use.

Suitable Positioning May Alleviate Problems with Eyesight

Much of the eyesight issues in adults today are a result of various factors from childhood and adolescence. A growing issue for today's eyesight experts, parents and educators, is the prominence of extended screen exposure in our digital age. The Silesian ergonomic tablet case is designed to support the tablet device at a comfortable viewing distance, removing the need to learn forward continuously and expose the eyes to excessive brightness.

Mobile Workstation Makes for Easy Carry

It is all too common for children and teenagers in education to complain about soreness in their shoulders. Silesian's tablet case design is not only built to protect the tablet from wear and tear; it is also designed to serve as a stylish briefcase or simple document carry case that will hold both the tablet and its accessories, making for a more comfortable, ergonomic experience when travelling to, from and around school.

The Silesian tablet case has taken ergonomic design to a ground breaking new level in the future of mobile computing, by seeking to cater for and benefit learning support in schools and education centres as well as the broad remote working culture we now find extending post-education.

Gemma Crane

Gemma is a copywriter and blogger with a passion for simple and intentional living. On her blog, she shares articles about working towards a more fulfilled and happier life as well as tips for creative entrepreneurs looking to showcase their talents in their own business. Gemma has a degree in Tourism Management and has written content online and in print for the travel, automotive, technology, lifestyle and fashion sectors.