Solution For Bad Posture When Using Tablets

Today, using a tablet or a computer has become second nature. You see toddlers who, at a very tender age, already know how to navigate their parents’ tablets and phones.  Almost everyone has to use a computer or tablet for work and very commonly, for long periods of time. Prolonged use of computers and tablets can lead to a number of health problems such as neck pain, back pain, eye strains and headaches. These health problems are exacerbated by a poorly designed workspace that does not adjust to the user’s requirements, therefore, promoting bad posture.

Symptoms of Bad Posture

Living with pain often hinders people from really enjoying themselves. Waking up in the morning with a stiff back might be acceptable for a day, but feeling pain every time you turn your head around and not finding a comfortable position to sit in because of your lower back, gets tiring pretty quickly. When slouching, the way the components of the body are positioned, something could be pressing on important blood vessels and nerves that will lead to the muscles not functioning properly. Headaches arising from bad posture are also due to a lower blood availability in the brain, leading by extension to a lower availability of Oxygen. If the posture is not corrected, the spine can change its shape which will cause even more pain as well as problems with other internal organs such as the lungs and the digestive system.

Chronic pain arising from the stiff muscles around the neck and back from prolonged bad posture related to the poor workspace leads to long-term pain management with medication, physiotherapy or therapeutic massages. This causes a higher expenditure in health and well-being bills as well as an increased need of taking sick days due to pain, not to mention the risk of side effects from the pain medication, some of which are very serious and long-term.

A Solution for Bad Posture

Generally, in life, prevention is better than cure, and this is especially true when it comes to health. Neck pain and back pain, as well as headaches arising from bad posture due to an inappropriate workspace, are easily preventable. When using tablets on the move, this can be difficult as tablets are designed to be used everywhere and most tablet cases are made to be compact and to be used on a table or on your knee. Most tablet cases do not cater to promote good posture while working, leading to slouching in order to find a comfortable way to look at the screen.

In instances where using a tablet is the usual case, one should definitely consider investing in a steady and ergonomic portable workstation such as the Silesian Case for tablets. This is true especially for people who do not have a fixed workspace such as students, digital nomads, people who have to work on tablets such as journalists and writers as well as parents who need tablets for their children. A good workspace will not only lower the risk of pain but it will also help you be more productive and creative as the brain will get all the blood and Oxygen it needs to work properly.


Michelle Marie Cassar

Michelle Cassar is a Malta based Pharmacist by profession but a writer and traveler by passion. She writes about anything that seems interesting especially traveling, medical blog posts as well as promotional content for innovative products. She is also dabbling in script writing.