Support Your Creative Business with the Silesian Case

Whether you are a freelance web designer or developer, a content writer or an online educator, you rely heavily on technology and productivity for your business to run smoothly. In today’s realm of mobile computing, it’s never been easier to run your creative enterprise straight from your tablet. Where tablets pose a potential setback to individuals looking to grow their online business, however, is in their practicality. Tablets are slim and portable, but freelance workers need to be flexible in their shifting work environments. The Silesian case is the world’s first ergonomic tablet stand with a brief case function, and it’s been designed specifically with freelance working and modern lifestyles in mind.

Compatible for and Adaptable to Multiple Devices

Every creative entrepreneur has their favourite software and hardware for the job. The Silesian case will happily adapt to whatever tablet you prefer to use to carry out your creative endeavours. So, whether it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro that is perfect for your visual studio, the Lenovo Miix or Google Pixel Slate for collaborative working in business or the Apple iPad Pro for flawless video editing, you’ve got a case that will support it all. The Silesian case also makes room for a portable keyboard and a mouse that you can flatten to fit seamlessly inside the brief case structure.

Improves Holistic Occupational Health

As a freelancer or creative business owner, so much of your work is done on screen. This often means not being able to see well enough in certain situations and hunching over to reach the keys, causing pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Frankly, all of these problems can lead to overwhelming frustration, leaving you stressed, uncomfortable and unable to work efficiently. The Silesian tablet case is designed ergonomically so it will work well on your lap, on the sofa and on the tabletop for better posture and screen visibility.

Protection for Your Prized Possessions

As your entrepreneurial venture depends on the functionality of your gear, you need to make sure your devices are kept in pristine condition. The Silesian case is well padded for peace of mind and provides both metal and plastic plate protection to all four corners and faces of your tablet, whilst remaining vegan-friendly, water resistant and stylish with it’s eco-friendly leather facade.

All of Your Creative Necessities, in One Place

The branding consultant needs their hard drive, the photographer needs their charger for that battery-draining editing software and the digital nomad needs their passport within reach whenever they arrive at a new border. Invented by a freelancer and traveller, the Silesian case doesn’t just provide protection for your tablet. Its versatile workstation setup allows for smooth transit for all of the digital essentials needed to operate your creative business online, wherever you are in the world.

If you run a creative business or want to take your freelance career further on your tablet PC, the Silesian case might just be the support your venture needs to continue to flourish.

Gemma Crane

Gemma is a copywriter and blogger with a passion for simple and intentional living. On her blog, she shares articles about working towards a more fulfilled and happier life as well as tips for creative entrepreneurs looking to showcase their talents in their own business. Gemma has a degree in Tourism Management and has written content online and in print for the travel, automotive, technology, lifestyle and fashion sectors.