Tablets for University Students: The New Note-pads?

As the 21st century progresses, technology continues to grow as an integral part of our everyday lives. From checking the weather, to converting currencies, to watching how many calories we eat or how many steps we take, there is an app for everything. This is not only happening in the lives of working adults, but in the lives of our kids as well, especially when their lives are centered around learning. We see kids growing up knowing exactly how to work a tablet, or even set up a website, without hardly being taught, and with every new generation they are getting more tech-savvy.

To a great degree, technology has replaced the use of paper, giving everyone from school learners to university students instant access to information and note-taking resources and minimizing the need to print documents or carry around note-pads. Particularly in university environments, having a tablet (or even just a laptop) has become a major asset in a lecture hall. From experience, these are a couple of reasons why it is beneficial to invest in a tablet as a student.

Instant access to resources

With almost constant access to Wi-Fi, having a device on hand is an advantage in any learning environment. It means that while the lecturer is talking, a student can stay on top of things by downloading and reading resources and notes. In addition to scientific journals and whole-library access right at your fingertips, students can also have immediate access to the student portal and the correct set of notes, which brings me to the next point…

Never forget (or lose) your notes

We all know that, at times, university ‘extra-curricular activities’ can be, well, distracting…  and especially after a fun night out, remembering everything for class the next morning can be a bit of a challenge.  With a tablet as pretty much the only thing you need to take to class, it means you’ll be less likely to forget anything (and embarrass yourself in front of your class) every again! Plus, you can make notes wherever you are and store them safely.

Less back pain and eye strain

We all know that at one point or another, each of us has been (or seen) a diligent student bent-double over a textbook… and no one can say that it is at all comfortable let alone healthy for the posture. With a tablet and the correct equipment, or even a laptop, not only can you sit in a better position, but you can zoom the font size to suit your eyesight! As contradictory as it sounds, a good device setup can make the world of difference to your study posture… Also, having to carry only a tablet means not having to carry around heavy textbooks in a bag that weighs on your shoulders…  a big bonus, trust me!

Paperless planet

We all know the strain that deforestation, among other things, puts on the environment. One of the main culprits of growing large forests of invasive species in place of indigenous forests, or wiping out entire forests, is plantations for paper. By choosing to minimize your paper usage, you are actively reducing your environmental impact.

Kiki Hughes

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and studied a BSc (Honours) in Genetics at Stellenbosch University. I have spent the past 10 months living in Argentina, and travelling Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Travel has taught me so many deep and powerful lessons, and I hope to share my experiences and inspire other passionate people to explore the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer.