Take control of your Environment with Silesian Case

For those of you who enjoy doing many different activities – working out, doing part-time studies, giving presentations, blogging, picnicking at the park, watching movies etc, don’t you wish you have your tablet with you at all times so you are ready to use it during any activity?  And when you do have your table with you, how much of a hassle is it to try to set it up at the proper angle for you to do what is necessary?

Working Out

With Silesian Case, you will have more control over the environment you use your tablet in, and how you operate it.  Take working out for an example: you can bring the Silesian case with you and use it during yoga, at the gym, or even during pole fitness so that you can have full-screen access to workout videos that are angled at a degree that is convenient for you to do your activity while watching the screen.  The case is secure and portable enough for you to bring anywhere!

Watching Movies Everywhere

Okay, movie lovers!  When you’re picnicking at the park, hanging out at the beach, or even lying in bed, the Silesian Case will bring a lot more convenience and comfort when trying to watch movies on a tablet.  Usually, you need to find another object, or your own leg, to balance the tablet on. But with the case, you can put it anywhere and it will keep your tablet safe and secure!  How convenient is that?

Students: Studying on the go

How great is it that you can use your commute time to study?  Maximize your time by studying outside of school or your home.  Now you can watch online lectures on the subway or bus and even take notes with your keyboard!  The case will help you prop it up properly so no matter what bumps are on the road, your tablet will be safe and secure.

Blogging Convenience

Everyone knows how important it is for bloggers to set their workspace up anywhere, whether it is in a car, or at the park resting in the shade.  The Silesian Case will allow you to work perfectly on your lap as if you are working on a table.  The elevated screen helps you focus while you are able to type on the keyboard without having your screen fall off your lap.  The portable case will allow you to bring it on any adventure.


When you give presentations, how often do you need to prepare notes to ensure you won’t forget any points?  With your table on an elevated surface, you will be able to glance down quick enough to make sure you are on track.  Believe it or not, this case will also help you with powerpoint presentations!  Without needing to look at the screen behind you, simply glance down at the tablet to know which slide you are on so that you can keep your attention and focus on the audience.

Overall, the Silesian Case will add to the convenience of your life and allow you to take control of the environment again to do what you really want on your tablet.  This secure case that is designed to be portable will bring you convenience in your life.


I left Canada four years ago to pursue my own truth of what this world is really about. In these years, I have discovered so much about why people live the way they do, why they have certain attitudes and beliefs, why some things matter more than others. My life overseas consists of striving to take part in local and expat activities, trying to really understand the local way of thinking, as well as maintaining my ever-changing ideas with my own Canadian roots