Techie? Here’s Why You Should Be A Digital Nomad In 2019

Being stuck in the traffic just to get to one’s office is something I dislike a lot. I bet you don’t like that, too. And that’s why I’m challenging you to become a digital nomad, especially if you consider yourself a techie. If you’re fond of bringing yourself to a café with a tablet PC on hand—or at least imagine yourself to—then get ready to work, play, and earn everywhere you can be.

So, here’s why and how you can be a digital nomad in 2019.

It’s Easier To Get A Freelance Job

Freelancing platforms like UpWork and (something you should be familiar with if you’re from the Philippines) have become more steady, reliable and user-friendly. Just sign up and start developing your profile. Soon, you’ll be able to find jobs that match your skills. Freelance writing is only one of the many options.

Co-Working Spaces Are All Around

Browse the web or even look around, and you’ll find co-working spaces made available for those who prefer to make the coffee table a working desk. These hubs also offer high-speed internet connectivity—perfect for freelancers who need to get their Skype meetings done ever so smoothly.
co-working spaces for a freelance writing digital nomad

Tablet PCs Are Becoming Juicier

Once upon a time, most tablets were plain sluggish and for-entertainment-use only. Now tablet PCs exist, and some of them are so beefed up with desktop-like specs that digital nomads have begun to rely heavily on them.
surface pro for a digital nomad

So I suggest that you take the time to compare the specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Google Pixel Slate, the Lenovo Miix, the iPad Pro, and the Asus Transformer Pro. Take note of the exact model numbers and pick from the latest ones. You’ll undoubtedly find the budget tech or the high-end device that meets your needs for both work and play.

Ergonomic Portable Desks Have Come to Perfection

Ever heard of the Silesian case? It’s a first-of-a-kind techie briefcase and tablet stand in one. Conceptualized by someone who has been a digital nomad himself but found the lifestyle challenging to occupational health (especially in keeping one’s posture right), the Silesian case is such a perfect solution to neck sores and aching backs.
occupational health solution with the Silesian case

With this innovative tablet stand, you can easily adjust the viewing angles when operating your mobile desk. Then you can keep all your gadgets safely tucked inside once you decide to work someplace else. It’s absolutely the mobile workstation for freelance writers like me. With this kind of product currently on promo, you’d surely find it more appealing to jump into the freelance-writing or digital-nomadic bandwagon.

carrying the Silesian case as a digital nomad

Work, Play & Cash-Out Anytime

The digital nomadic lifestyle gives you the enviable perks of taking more control of your time, pace, and workplace. You can decide to play on your tablet PC whenever you need a break, although some full-time jobs require you to work on specific hours and install a time-proofing software. Well, you can actually arrange your preferred working hours before accepting a promising online job offer.

Of course, you can also run your own eCommerce site, YouTube channel, or food-and-travel blog and be in fuller control of everything about your living. Remember, cash inflow is quite generous in this lifestyle, too!

Crystal L

Currently writing and traveling for both fun and profit, I am a natural science and technology enthusiast who loves to live an abundant, healthy and stress-free life. I aim at positively influencing others on living a cruelty-free lifestyle, both for one’s own benefit and the preservation of earth’s natural resources. I love travels, food (plant-based, of course), and animals, especially cats. Alongside these, I love physics and tech-related stuff, too. I am a vegan vegetarian, and I love veganism in all its positive principles. I am a health and naturopathy advocate, as well. Above all, I love Jesus.