The All-In-One Tablet Stand for Medical Students

With the introduction of Apple’s iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, studying has been revolutionized, especially when it comes to content-heavy learning like in med school. While most medical students have been making colorful notes on good old fashioned paper, others have upgraded. After all, how easy is it to have everything in one place, from all your lecture slides to all the fantastic apps available in the Apple store to all the notes you’ve ever had to make during class? The iPad pro has made studying incredibly easy by lifting restrictions on what you can study, where you can study and when you can study.

However, with every advancement comes drawbacks. Depending solely on a device for your studying means being prepared for everything, from carrying chargers and wires to accessories like headphones and perhaps a keyboard, to protecting your device during traveling with a strong casing. With all these drawbacks, solutions can also be found if one looks hard enough.

Find Your Solution Right Here

Storage? Protective casing? Entire workspace? The case has it all. The ultimate medical student’s dream, the Silesian Case functions as your portable study station. Whip it out in class, set it up in the library, the possibilities are endless. Never has studying on campus gotten easier! Not only can you easily type up notes during lectures, but you can utilize all the other functions of your device to get the most out of your learning sessions, whether it’s recording the lecturer, consulting other resource books or even using companion applications from the Marketplace.

The Silesian Case is the study aesthetic you need.

The study aesthetic is something that all students tend to bond over. Whether you’re uploading pictures on tumblr with the hashtag #studyblr or on instagram with the hashtag #studygram, the millions of pictures of study places, study tools, and study notes that pop up are all things that are definitely worth gushing over. The Silesian Case falls just under the same category quite comfortably! While some students prefer rugged backpacks and others go for sleek leather laptop bags, the Silesian Case looks just as classy, if not more professional, and perhaps even appears much more efficient looking with its small size and compact storage. It’s a carry bag that speaks volumes just for itself!

If you can’t figure out what to buy a med student, here’s the hint.

With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, everyone’s scrambling to figure out what to buy their loved ones or even what to put on their wishlists for their loved ones to purchase for them! Regardless of which category you fall in, you can’t go wrong with the Silesian Case. It’s a new innovative accessory for students with a lot of durability and functionality, just the thing that students need!

It’s not just for the iPad Pro! Accommodating for most of the popular tablet devices out there, the Silesian Case is worth getting for a vast majority of students out there. And if you’re just looking for something to splurge on for yourself, why not? Give yourself and your study devices the treat they deserve and start your new year with a fresh look. Trust me, you’ll be making head turns without even lifting a finger! So what are you waiting for?

Kanra Khan

Hi there! I’m a lifestyle med student blogger. Don’t worry, I’ll be a full-fledged doctor in 2019. I read and write and pretend I can also art. You can find me under the handle @optic_chiasma on Twitter and Instagram. Please do not contact for medical advice.