The all-in-one workstation for your tablet

Having a Tablet is pretty cool. It’s basically this mini-laptop (or big phone) you can take anywhere with you. It allows you to watch movies, do your work, play games, read the news etc. So it can be pretty handy. That said, it isn’t perfect.
A lot of Tablet users suffer from bad posture, strained muscles, and strained eyes. This is because the Tablet was designed around maneuverability, and as such sacrificed some otherwise necessary features. Enter the Silesian case. This case was designed to support and cover all the drawbacks of using a ‘Tablet. We’ll be talking more about it and describing its features in our article below. Check it out.

The Silesian Case

The Silesian is basically a briefcase for your Tablet. It’s built with ergonomics in mind and it opens up into a comfortable and portable workstation. It elevates your tablet, bringing it closer to your line of sight, which in turn improves your posture. It’s not much bigger than your average laptop and it is made with materials that both protect your tablet and cushion it from day to day impacts. Finally, the case is large enough that you can carry your charger, your wallet and a few other things inside of it.

Designed around occupational health

The idea behind the briefcase was to solve the problems you’d get with Tablets. Typically when using a tablet, you have to rest it on your thigh, hold it up with your hands, look down as you use it etc. All of this limits how you can use it and for how long. It is exhausting to keep holding it up and it isn’t very conducive for doing work. For some people, this also leads to long-term issues. Having to strain as you look at your tablet can give you a sore neck, weaken the muscles around the back, around your shoulder and can even strain other groups of muscles. By raising and slightly slanting the Tablet. The Silesian case allows you to work whilst having a straight back and without having to crane your neck to look at the Tablet. This makes it comfortable to work for long hours and it allows you to keep your hands free for other uses; like typing or using a mouse.

Who should buy one?

People who would like to have a comfortable workstation with them wherever they go should invest in this case. If you are a businessman, digital nomad, traveler etc. and often find yourself in uncomfortable locations with a pending workload. The case will for sure come in handy. It will allow you to set up a comfortable and familiar environment to get work done on the go. The case is also recommended for kids. It is not uncommon for children to have and use Tablets these days, and often very frequently. Using the case will encourage them to have good posture and not have to strain when using their Tablet. Not using the case could encourage bad habits that could stick with them for life.

Abuga Aroni

I am a writer from Kenya, passionate about technology, longboarding, and sports.