The best tablet case for a freelance tutor

As a freelance tutor, my tablet is an integral part of my business. It’s my mobile classroom. All my lessons involve my tablet, whether to check my lesson plan, track my students’ progress, watch a short video or complete an interactive activity. Without it, my lessons would be much more boring and far less accurate. Ultimately, my business would suffer. As such, protecting my tablet is of utmost importance.

Why tablet cases are important

Although perhaps cheaper than a laptop, tablets are still a considerable investment. It’s important to make sure they are protected no matter how you use them. This is why choosing a tablet case is almost as important as choosing the tablet itself.

Tablets are investments that need to be protected.

How to choose the best tablet case

Just after I purchased my tablet, I started my online search for the best tablet case for freelance tutors. I was overwhelmed by the choice. So I came up with a list of questions to narrow down the huge range of products. Here I discuss each factor:

What is the purpose of the tablet?

Is the tablet for personal or professional use? Will it be used in business environments or in casual settings? As a freelance tutor, I needed a professional tablet case. My mobile classroom must show that I am organised, reliable, serious about teaching and provide the best level of service possible. So, with this in mind, I needed something conservative but also sleek and stylish. Importantly, my teaching style is holistic. I don’t just focus on teaching English; I also instruct about healthy lifestyle choices. This includes the proper use of technology and paying attention to ergonomics. I needed to find a case that also functioned as an ergonomic stand to support my students’ postures.

The Silesian tablet case transforms into an ergonomic stand.

Who will be the primary user(s)?

Is it just for one person or many people? Will adults or children use it? Although it is my tablet, it’s a teaching tool so lots of people use it. Many of these users are children. I had to be sure that whichever case I chose, it would be sturdy and stable enough to protect my tablet from clumsy little hands, especially when functioning as a stand. The case also had to be ergonomic to encourage healthy postures.

Where will the tablet be used?

Will the tablet mostly be on the couch, in an office, travelling, in coffee shops, etc? How much protection does it need? The more travelling a tablet does, the more protection it needs. Being a freelance tutor means being highly mobile. I teach in a variety of locations, from students’ homes to their offices to coffee shops. I needed to find a tablet case that offered exceptional protection while I travel and that was highly portable. The stand also had to be sturdy and adaptable to a variety of surfaces.

The Silesian tablet case offers ample protection on-the-go.

The best tablet case for a freelance tutor

After much consideration, I chose the Silesian tablet case. The slim briefcase style is professional and easy to quickly set up into an ergonomic stand. What’s more, as a stand it’s stable and safe for children to use, even when interacting with the touchscreen. It’s light enough to carry all day long while providing protection during my commute. While it took me some time to decide on the best tablet case for me, I am more than happy with my decision.

The Silesian tablet case is perfect for a freelance tutor.

Jamie Bennett

Globetrotter and unusual destination seeker. Jamie has been around the world twice and back. She revels in unusual, off-the-beaten-track experiences and specialises in solo-travel. She is also a freelance English tutor who is passionate about language and engaging students of all levels and ages.