The case that every freelancer needs

The life of a freelancer is not as easy as one thinks. Sure it is nice not to have to be in a specific place for 8 hours a day, but let me tell you it is not all roses!

The downfalls of being a freelancer

The biggest downfall to being a freelancer that works out of ordinary hours and days is that I can’t even have a single weekend trip without having to carry a ton of stuff with me just in case I have some random task pop up.

This can also present problems for frequent business travelers as well. Carrying around a laptop and lots of equipment can be very draining whether you are off on an excursion to some island in Thailand or just taking a 24-hour business trip. Carrying a lot of stuff takes up too much time at various security checkpoints and not to mention a waste of space in your already precious carry on. I’ve been held up in airport security more times than I care over having to scramble around for my laptop and tablet.

Also after years of using my tablet, my eyes are always stressed. My posture eventually became terrible, and as I approach my 30th birthday, my body is starting to see the signs of it.

However, recently a product has emerged on the market that does a fantastic job alleviating these pesky problems. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the Silesian case.


How the Silesian case is a saving grace for freelancers

The best part of the Silesian case is the ergonomic tablet holder. It helps alleviate shoulder pain from bad posture and the stress placed on your eyes from looking at your tablet too close.  The ergonomic tablet holder allows you to use your tablet comfortably anywhere you want. I have used it in my kitchen and also in the middle of the Slovak Tatras. The ergonomic holder also is useful enough to where you can leave your laptop at home and strictly do a lot of your work from just your tablet.

It is also light and easily portable. The case can easily fit inside your carry on while leaving plenty of space for your other items. You can also use as a small personal item because it looks like a tiny briefcase when closed. It is much more comfortable and less time-consuming to take through airport security than other cases.


The case is made in Europe with top-notch materials and passes all the quality standards. It is durable, waterproof and damage proof. One will last you for many years and through different tablets. The case follows the “ less is more “ mantra, while it is simple, it can provide you with all you of what you need. Its outer appearance is stylish in a pure sense, so it also beneficial for the business traveler type as well as the backpacker. Its use is multifaceted and fits the needs of all kinds of travelers.  If you are a freelancer or just someone on the go a lot, this case is very convenient and worth the small investment.

Heidi Koelle

American born, Prague/Frankfurt/Mars based. Some of my top interests include countries that do not exist legally, making messes, eating spring rolls, and doing things outside.