The Curious Case of Ergonomics – The Silesian Case

A thoughtfully designed briefcase for your tablet and accessories, the stylish Silesian case opens up to reveal a complete mobile workspace just about anywhere you want it to.  Not only does it provide a portable, smooth and level surface to type on anywhere or anytime;  it comes equipped with an adjustable elevated stand to hold the tablet at your most convenient height. What’s more? Whether an iPad Pro, a Google slate or the Lenovo miix, this smart case is fitted to adapt with most of the tablets currently in use.

So, what makes this product different from the rest? Why should a tablet user consider this product? Read on to know more.


Ergonomics and the Silesian Case

Preferred Device made more friendly:

Simple statistics show that more and more people are finding tablets to be the most viable option to get work done on the go as opposed to notebooks. Whether you are a freelancer, a student, a busy mother or a multi-tasked assistant, ‘tablets’ have been reportedly found to be more handy for a quick note or immediate information.  The science of Ergonomics behind the Silesian Case is committed to improving the way in which people work with tablets by removing maximum risk factors.

Occupational Health on priority:

Taking a cue from the most common woes being faced by anyone involved with extensive hours of tablet work, this case is ergonomically designed with an adjustable height option to help you sit up straight & relieve that tension off your spine. This greatly aids in avoiding a sore neck or cramped shoulder muscles and improves posture. The firm yet spongy base supports the wrist, makes typing so much easier which overall allows improved human performance and productivity.

Future of Freelance Writing:

As we see a soaring rise in the freelance industry the challenges of the regular tablet user has also become multi-dimensional. Keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the tablet, the ergonomic features of the Silesian Case step in to close the yawning gaps.  Special emphasis has been given to make the Silesian Case easily portable. Not much bigger than a normal laptop it encloses an entire workstation inside a simple briefcase or folder. With Tablets failing to serve as ‘lapable’ devices the stable platform of the Silesian case becomes the much-needed base for a keyboard, making it an ideal companion for the freelancer, traveller or anybody on the move.  The use of premium quality, shock absorbent composite material protects the device from sudden impact or unexpected damage during transit.

Curiously the perfect case :

The chic and sleek Silesian Case can comfortably hold the basic travelling gears or all daily accessories apart from your tablet. With enough space for a regular size tablet, an adaptor or charger, a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, a mobile phone, a USB battery pack, wallet, keys and a passport; this is your one-stop workstation cum handbag you would not want to miss.

This product is a clear testament to the smart use of science and technology.

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