The Right Gadget Case: The Secret of Effective Working Nomads

With the continuous evolution of technology along with globally evolving work trends, it’s becoming more and more common for the average young individual to prefer the life of a travelling professional: choosing to live a life where they take the work they need to do with them instead of following the work they have to do. The humdrum of the everyday repetitive routine has lost its appeal and put frankly, is being considered as soulless and boring. With the surge travelling youth, the term ‘nomad’ has been reborn to mean a revolutionary, spontaneous, and limitless lifestyle choice filled with scenic locations and viral-worthy experiences — all while sustaining a stable livelihood.

Although the freelance or nomadic lifestyle can sound incredibly appealing, especially to today’s seemingly technology- and social media-dependent youth, being a working nomad is not something that everyone will consider is as the most ergonomic lifestyle choice. Being a freelancer, particularly a nomadic one (as in a ‘digital nomad’) requires a lot of personal discipline; commitments are commitments and deadlines are deadlines regardless of where you are in the world. This means that digital nomads are also very, if not completely, dependent on a specific gadget, usually tablet PCs, where they accomplish all the work that travels with them.  These gadgets and those of the like are reliable and portable tools to be able to bring your office wherever you go. That being said, your gadget should always be ready for packing, protection, and travel any time you need to be off to your next destination.


Unbeknownst to many, having the right gadget case makes all of this a whole lot easier. In fact, it just might be a trade secret of champions of the nomadic working lifestyle. Check out what you should look for in the right gadget case:


The Right Case Can Go Whenever and Wherever You Go

Travelling often means you go through airports often, and when you go through airports often, breezing through security and bag checks is a recurring goal. Your tablet needs to be well-protected and packed efficiently. You need a case that is light enough to add on to your carry-on luggage or insert into the bag you already use.

The Right Case is Multi-Purpose

Being a digital nomad means that when you have some downtime, like when you’re possibly waiting for a flight, you will most likely open up that tablet and try to get some work done. Therefore, your case needs to be multi-purpose in order to make your ever-changing workspace easy to set-up and pack-up. Ideal features are being able to adjust to limited desk space (if any at all) or better yet, function as an ergonomic desk even when all you have to work with is your lap.

The Right Case Helps Make You Comfortable

When working remotely, making your personal work environment as ergonomic and conducive as possible can be the difference between accomplishing what you need to get done and being completely ineffective. The right case for your gadget should help make you comfortable as you work instead of being a hindrance to your productivity. The ideal case should be able to provide you with an elevated screen or tablet that does not contribute to bad posture leading to discomfort.


Overall, the right case should assist you and adjust to you, not the other way around. Assuring you have the most efficient and useful case for the gadget where your work is centralised is surely a great asset for any professional or aspiring digital nomad.

Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is currently based in Metro Manila.