The Silesian Case: Perfect for a Digital Nomad

Everyone always needs a little extra cash, especially this time of year when it becomes gift giving season! The ultimate way to combat this is to have a little side gig to earn some extra cash. Some side gigs I have heard along the way is as simple as picking up a part time job at the local bar or grocery store, but I’ve also come across some pretty creative ones as well. Now, you never want to have this wonderful time of the year to be your downfall. In fact, if you’re like me, you want to use this time of year to travel and visit places while its snowy and cold!

Start Freelancing!

Now, I am a bit more blessed than most because my full-time career is as a flight attendant, so I get to travel a little more than the average guy. There is still a need for some extra spending cash when I go see some cool new places. That exact reason is why I settled on the ultimate side gig: freelance writing.

Freelance writing has been amazing. I get to set my own side gig schedule, but there are still deadlines to be met. It allows me the flexibility to be able to have a fast-paced life and still earn a little extra cash as I go through life. Plus, it fits when I have down time in the hotel on my layovers, I can crank out an article or two for a few extra bucks for my next trip.

Keep Your Health in Mind

It’s important to think about my personal health since I’m on the go so often, that’s why the Silesian case is so great. The ergonomics of it allow me to be comfortable in any situation. Whether I’m in the comfort of the company hotel on layovers or stuck in the middle seat when I travel all over the world, the Silesian case fits perfect. I am able to keep great posture, this is something that is incredibly important for anyone, but it’s especially important when on the go all the time.

The Silesian Case is a Freelancer’s Best Friend

The Silesian case fits my iPad Pro like a glove. It’s almost as though Silesian collaborated with Apple on the product. The Silesian case doesn’t just fit iPad’s though. The Silesian case will also comfortably fit the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Google Slate, and the Lenovo Miix! With the design of the Silesian case, you can say good bye to the annoying neck pain that often comes with leaning over to look at the screen of the tablet.

The case is incredibly useful when it comes to mobility as well. It folds up to be smaller than a typical laptop, but because it houses your tablet, it has all the same capabilities. It also is considerably lighter weight than a laptop, especially in a laptop carrying case. This just adds to the personal health aspect. Now there is no need to lug around and extra bag just for your laptop. I use the Silesian case, and it provides all the protection I need while being easier to carry.

I’m just saying, not only is freelance writing the best way to make some extra cash because of how flexible the schedule is, but it really can only be maximized by the power of the Silesian case.

Josh Whitworth

Texas born and raised. I first got into fitness in high school playing sports and doing powerlifting. I got my college degree in English Lit because I figured I could teach myself anything by learning how to read critically. I now use this knowledge to learn more about health and fitness everyday. Combine this drive with the ability to write well, and I now help spread the knowledge I gain through my writing.