The Silesian Case: The Perfect Travel Buddy

The life of a freelance writer or digital nomad is exciting, but at times quite stressful as well. We travel often and are forced to set up our mobile workspace in the most unexpected, unique, and varied places – in the middle of a park, an outdoor cafe, on top of a mountain, and sometimes even in bed. Technology has helped develop the tools to make this kind of life possible, such as lighter devices packed with essential software and device organizers to help us nomads keep track of our gadgets and accessories, as well as ensure these are in protective cases. While I’ve finally found the best device that works well for my style and needs (Apple iPad Pro Tablet), I’ve found it difficult to find a tablet case that offers the degree of style, organization, and ergonomics I need. I found myself constantly switching cases due to some feature that didn’t meet my standards and ended up spending my precious freelance budget on plenty types of this accessory. So imagine the joy I felt when I heard about the Silesian Case and its potential as ‘the one’.  


Devices (especially tablets) are the primary tool for freelance writers and digital nomads. We are on these devices pretty much all the time, typing or clicking away for hours. All that time spent looking at screens and various distances and angles, and typing in sedentary positions take a toll on our health. I felt it most through strained eyes, lower back pain, and wrist pain. This is why having a tablet case that easily transforms into an ergonomic workstation is a blessing. It allows comfortable use of the device for hours on end, making the freelance experience more enjoyable. 


Traveling in style is definitely a bonus, considering the various types of clients we work with. Sometimes we work with casual clients, other times we work with professionals and even engage in corporate consultancy meetings from time to time. Given the range of client situations, it helps to have a device case that projects professionalism and style. Not to mention it always looks good in the travel photos!


Majority of tablet cases I’ve seen in the market boast impressive features (such as multiple, expandable pockets for accessories) but tend to complicate the design as a result. For freelancers, minimalism is a must as we try to travel as light as possible. The Silesian Case provides the essential features of an ergonomic, organized mobile desk without compromising on simplicity. It’s straightforward to set up as a desk, and easy to pack away as a compact briefcase afterward. 

The Perfect Travel Buddy

For freelancers, gadgets are the most important travel essentials at par with a passport and an internet connection. Thus, ensuring these gadgets are bolstered with efficient accessories and protective casing are critical to a freelancer’s success and enjoyment of the lifestyle. The Silesian Case provides the key benefits of ergonomic design, stylishness, and simplicity so that freelancers like myself can worry less about the frictions of using and carrying devices while constantly on the move. Compatible with a range of tablets, the Silesian Case is the perfect travel buddy. 

Camille Castro

I believe that living life to the fullest means making every day an adventure by challenging yourself to explore outside your comfort zone – that includes meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new places or seeing the usual through different perspectives. I enjoy activities centered around this belief, such as running, swimming, reading, and of course, traveling – all of which make me see the world differently, every day.