The tablet case every college and university student needs

I may no longer be a University student but I know exactly what I’ll be treating myself to for Christmas, as Silesian is set to launch its ergonomic work stations to improve the lives of people who work on tablets on the go! If you’re constantly lugging around laptops and textbooks to class, you and your neck muscles will surely benefit from exploring what these cases have to offer.

What causes bad posture?

After going for a massage recently to try and reduce some of the knots and tightness in my neck and figure out why it might be happening, I learned that it was all down to the posture I’d developed from sitting typing at a desk.

Working in this way forces us to drop our gaze, meaning our heads have to lean down at an angle to read what is on our screens. This puts a lot of pressure on our neck and upper traps. Hours spent cramped up at a desk trying to complete tasks will therefore do terrible things to your posture. I’m still trying to loosen up years of tightness. I’d always thought this was unavoidable — I mean, if I have assignments to complete, what else can I do but endure the discomfort?

Well, I know now that thanks to Silesian cases, I no longer have to put up with tight neck muscles. You maximise the efficiency of working on a tablet, as the case transforms into an ergonomic work station, that sits at the ideal height for keeping your neck straight. Gone are the days when you needed to physically suffer in order to get your work done!

The struggles of being a University or college student

I used to sit in lectures at University, with my big, cumbersome bags filled to the brim with books, notes, and my thick laptop case, with extra padding to boot. It was such a chore getting from class to class, not to mention having to carry all this gear on my commute from home to classes.

A couple of my friends tried to avoid this problem by using a tablet to type up all their assignments and notes, and access their textbooks, which they had downloaded online. This way they could literally show up to uni with one device.

I was jealous of them having so few things to carry, but I always thought I could not do the same because I would find it hard to work with an iPad resting on my lap. It just seemed impossible for what I needed to do. To add to that, I know a couple of them ended up dropping their tablets and cracking the screen, which was catastrophic when they were relying on it for everything, and needed it so desperately to meet deadlines!

A solution which maximises convenience

If only Silesian cases had been around back then. In addition to turning into a work station, they can also be used as a briefcase that is both stylish and practical, protecting your tablet while staying sleekly convenient.

Do yourself a favour and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas, that will completely change the way you work in the world.

Tiahli Martyn

I am a 23 year old student from Auckland, New Zealand, with a thirst to discover new places, and experience as much as possible out of life! That sounds cheesy, I know, but I feel it is reflected a lot in what I have spent the past few years doing, on exchange in Spain and travelling for a year, and now living in the U.K. since September 2017. In my free time I’m usually listening to and playing music, exploring, trying to stay fit and missing my dog.