The Workstation Digital Nomads Have Been Waiting For

Christmas has come early as Silesian are preparing to launch their new workstation designed for people on the go. If you work on a tablet you'll already know the trials and tribulations that we face on a daily basis. Bad posture, bulky equipment and the worry of damaging your tablet in transit are just a few of the problems that we encounter. However, the Silesian Case will answer the prayers of digital nomads across the globe. Let's take a look at how this handy briefcase is going to change your working lifestyle.

Its Compact Design Is Great

Are you fed up of carrying your tablet, cables and keyboards in a bulky, padded bag in an attempt to minimise any damage whilst moving? Now you don't need to worry. What looks like a slimline briefcase actually transforms into a complete workstation with space to fit everything you need. It has room for your tablet, a charger, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, your mobile phone, a battery pack, your documents and anything else you can think that you may need on a day to day working basis. It's easy to carry with a comfortable handle and strap hooks, and is made from shock absorbing materials to help avoid damage from impacts whenever you are on the go. In addition, the Silesian Case has a sleek and stylish look that will have others wanting to know where you bought it from.

It's The Perfect Ergonomic Desk For On The Go

Just because you are working on the road does not mean you should compromise your health. Bad posture and backache are a thing of the past with the new Silesian Case. Its ergonomic design allows you to elevate your tablet to a position that stops you from slumping over a tablet. Recent studies have shown that looking down at a tablet can put as much as five times more strain on your neck than a desktop computer. By using this workstation you can help to eliminate this problem.
Tablets can also usually be difficult to use on your lap as they are not designed to be used this way, but this briefcase has a stable base which provides it 'lapability'. Gone are the days of worrying about dropping your tablet on the floor. You can now work on a bus, a train, or even at the top of a mountain with your whole office on your lap.

It's Made Of High Quality And Eco-Friendly Materials

Another great feature of the Silesian Case is the material it is made from. These briefcases are made in Europe by a manufacturer known for their fine leather craftsmanship. What's even better, is that the leather they use is Eco-friendly. This means that the leather is durable, hard wearing, better for the environment and more importantly for some, vegan! No animals were harmed in the making of your new workstation. To top it off, the Silesian Case's Eco-leather is also waterproof, so you won't have a mad dash to seek shelter if you're caught in a rain shower.

This new briefcase workstation is set to change the way we digital nomads work for the better. No more neck and backache, no more bulky equipment to carry and much less worry about damaging your tablet when on the go. Say hello to your new best friend!

Emily Lowenna Coyle

I’m Emily and I like sharing my passion for travel, nature, and culture with others. I’ve been exploring the world for the last year and a half whilst working online, and have finally realised it’s time to put my skills to use and document my travels. I have worked from villages and cities to mountains and beaches across many countries in the world and have a lot of knowledge about the topic of travel. “It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you live where you are.”