Things to Remember When Traveling With Chronic Pain

Travel is one of my favourite things to do in the world but it can be hard if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain. I myself have back problems and go to a chiropractor regularly. This can make lifting heavy bags when travelling harder.

Here, I have compiled a list of the things that are important to do and the things you should bring to make your trip easier.


Things you should do when you travel

laptop, phone

Have all your emergency numbers

For me, this is my parent’s number, my doctor’s number etc. Make sure to keep them safe in either a notebook or your phone.


journal, planner, notes, events, bullet journal, appointments, flowers, desk

Make any necessary appointments before you leave

I always make an appointment with the chiropractor about a week before I leave. I usually have to make a doctor’s appointment too so I can renew my prescription. On that note, you should probably get a renewed prescription of all medication if you need it.


writing, letter, note, pen

A letter from your doctor

If you take medication then you should keep it in your carry-on. This will mean that you will need a doctor’s letter stating why you have these medications. Security rarely stops me because of medication in my bag.


smartphone, iPhone

Look up contacts for where you are going

Before you leave for your trip, it is a good idea to find out where your local doctor, chiropractor, dentist or health centre is going to be. You should keep track of their numbers and addresses in case.


Things to bring when you travel

blue, grey, jumper

Bring something to combat the cold

It can get pretty cold while up in the air. The best way to prepare is to dress in layers. I always make sure to wear a camisole or t-shirt under a jumper when travelling. I have nerve damage on my back and so the cold affects it. I like to be extra cautious and wear a jumper or cardigan (or sometimes both). I also wear a blanket scarf. They are great because you usually only receive a blanket when on overnight flights.


silesian case tablet

No more neck pain

Neck pain is pretty much guaranteed when travelling. You can combat this by getting a special case for when you are on a tablet. You are bound to bring some kind of entertainment with you, especially if you are freelance writing or you have a long flight. There are companies that offer products such as Silesian Case that can help with this. They offer an elevated tablet case to prevent bad posture. It comes with an inbuilt keyboard that prevents wrist pain too. It also looks like a briefcase when closed, which is great for when you are constantly on the go.


running shoe blue

Extra essentials

You should also wear comfortable shoes such as Skechers or wear insoles if you have them. I always wear either when travelling. Painkillers are also something to keep in your bag just in case. I only bring some because I don’t like to take many.

Nicole Chun

I am a college student that loves travelling and so I am always looking out for places to go on a budget. I have a passion for travelling to new places, sitting in nature, eating different foods, and learning about different cultures. This last year I got the chance to travel the most that I have in my life. I went to Asia for the first time and spent five months in Vietnam. I am now studying for a semester abroad in Sweden. Out of all the places that I saw this year, I think Cambodia was my favourite. I love going to different places in countries such as beaches, cities, villages and mountains.