Three Reasons Why You Need The Silesian Case For Your Tablet

Tablets have become common household devices today. Many parents use them to customize learning and fun channels for their kids, students utilise them for study, while a lot of people (like me) use them for work. The reason for this preference is not far-fetched; tablets strike a perfect balance between the desktop/laptop computers and cell phones. The tablet’s versatility and portability have elevated it to the status it enjoys today.


Common Concerns Associated with Tablet Use.

We know now that tablets are a better fit in many situations. However, there are still a lot of concerns about their use. How does one ensure that they do not slip from the hands easily? For travel purposes, how does one work comfortably with attachments like keyboard/mouse on buses, trains and planes? Because of the strain on the eyes, neck and back, what can be done to improve overall body posture while using a tablet? The Silesian case may well be the answer to all these concerns and more.

The Silesian Case.

The Silesian case is a multi-purpose tablet accessory designed with the ergonomics of tablet use in mind. It is compatible with tablet brands like Google Pixel Slate, Lenovo Miix, Microsoft Surface Pro, etc. Below are three reasons why you should get this unique product.

A Sleek Briefcase


The greatest fear consumers nurture about their devices is irreplaceable damage from a fall or a hit. The Silesian Case was designed to address this very concern. Although it looks like a simple yet elegant briefcase when not in use, it also acts as a shock absorber, thereby protecting your tablet on all sides. So, whether you are on a commute or your device’s simply ‘resting’, the Silesian Case has got your tablet covered… literally.

An Ergonomic Desk


Sometimes when stringent deadlines need to be met, we tend to work (or study as the case may be) outside of our comfort zones i.e. anywhere we feel the work can get done. For instance, on a bus, in class, even while watching the kids play at the park. The Silesian Case comes in handy in this situation too. It transforms into a workstation that you can use anywhere. It can be placed in your lap, fixed on your desk and external accessories like a mouse can also be attached. Working on the go just got cooler, right?

Improves Body Posture.


Incorrect regular and elongated use of tablets poses a risk to the user’s overall body posture. Slumping over the device for hours on end can cause a strain on the neck, back, eyes or hands (depending on its position). The Silesian Case is once again recommended to solve this problem. No matter where it is set up (on a desk/ lap) this ergonomic stand elevates the tablet’s screen and prevents the user from having to slouch or lean forward to view the screen.

In a nutshell, the Silesian Case is the perfect tool to get the most out of your tablet device. End of story.

Ummu Hurayrah

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