Top Three Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs

December 5, 2018

Being a Digital Nomad is an incredible way to live – from the freedom to experiencing this world’s delights – nothing compares. However, living a life of travel comes with challenges, especially if you aren’t prepared. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the top three tools every digital nomad needs in order to make life a little easier.

1. Mobile computer

Mobile Computer

Obviously, without a mobile computer of some kind, a digital nomad wouldn’t be digital! Freelance writers travelling the world need something to write with, communicate with clients, keep blogs up to date; upload posts to various social media sites – the list goes on. Tablets are a great way to do all that in a lightweight way: very important for a traveller. The less weight to carry around, the better, and tablets are designed these days to be able to do pretty much anything a laptop can do, especially when you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for ease of writing. You can download all the helpful Apps you need and away you go.

2. Briefcase


I don’t know about you but when I’m rushing through an airport I don’t want to be lugging multiple bags, briefcases, laptop bags and passport cases. One bag with my passport, wallet, chords, phone and a protective case for my tablet would be ideal for those stressful moments when you go through security and have to pull everything out; and when you get to customs and have to quickly find your passport. Quick, efficient, organised and lightweight – that’s what I need. Even on road trips, I’m constantly making sure I have all my ‘important’ items on hand so having them all in one organised briefcase eradicates stress.

3. Tablet stand

Tablet stand

I was once sitting in a tent in a remote village in northern Mozambique trying to get some writing done. Shifting, twisting and shuffling around, I found it increasingly difficult to find a comfortable spot to sit in and write without hunching over and hurting my back. What I would have given for a sturdy tablet stand that would have helped me sit comfortably while I wrote. Working while travelling is wonderful, but you sometimes find yourself needing to meet a deadline without the convenience of a table in a trendy cafe with your mobile computer sat before you. You might find yourself sitting on a rock beside a river, on an aeroplane or sitting in a crowded bus. A tool such as a tablet stand that helps with posture and makes it easy to write no matter where you are is ideal.

So there you have it – my top three tools every Digital Nomad should have. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have it all in one handy case? The Silesian Case is an ergonomic tablet stand and case in one. A stylish briefcase, hand-made in Europe from vegan-friendly eco-leather, large enough to carry everything you need in your hand luggage when you travel – your full-sized tablet PC with AC adapter and charger; USB battery pack and accessories; Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and your passport, wallet and mobile phone. The case protects your tablet while you travel, and once you need to stop and write, it transforms into a beautiful tablet stand you can sit on a desk, your lap, while lying down – the perfect tool to keep you working while you travel and help your posture to avoid that aching back. Suited for many tablet types including Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Miix, Apple iPad Pro, Google Pixel Slate, Samsung Galaxy Pro and more, it is the ideal tool for Digital Nomads, Freelance Writers and anyone who is working while travelling.

Rosalyne Field

By Rosalyne Field

World Travel Expert and Freelance writer - I was born travelling, have spent my life travelling, and will continue to travel until my time here is done. My husband, four children and I are Australians currently living in Africa, enjoying the vastness and beauty that is this continent - Its stunning, sunburnt landscapes; colourful, welcoming people; and of course, its incredible wildlife. We prefer to be amongst the people, off the beaten track, where we can experience the true African lifestyle, and it is truly wondrous!