Travel Accessories for Electronics

This is a cautionary tale, about how important it is to organize your luggage when traveling.

Probably not everyone has the habit of making a luggage plan before leaving, or some people might do it last minute. Even if we make a luggage plan, sometimes we forget to consider where to put what, which turns out to be a big issue once you find out that maybe your suitcases are not as spacious as you had thought.

So here begins my story.

The issue: protecting the devices inside your luggage

I was traveling by plane to the UK, and I hadn’t quite planned the trip nor what to bring.  I was not concerned with my luggage because I thought I was not carrying that much stuff, but I had to reconsider just before leaving: the “one or two last things” I was trying to put in the suitcase just would not fit. I already had a computer bag as hand luggage, but I was afraid of putting more things in it because I thought they would squeeze my tablet too much and break something.

So I did what I thought it was the best thing t do: I just took a small handbag and smuggled in it the remaining things left outside of the suitcase.

For those of you who often travel by plane, you already know this is not a thing to do. Not only would you be carrying a lot of stuff on you, but most importantly, there is a limited amount of bags you can use as carry-on luggage.

I was hoping to be able to sneak my handbag in… And I failed. A very kind steward said I had to pay for that extra bag, or else, try whatever I could to fit it in my suitcase.

I decided to trust my tablet case: if you use good protection, no harm will be done to your tablet, no matter how much pressure there is in the bag.

What took me by surprise, not only did everything fit perfectly (even my other handbag!) but my tablet looked comfy and safe, thanks to the cushion effect of my new case. When I got to my destination, my tablet was perfect, despite all the shocks my suitcase had experienced.

The importance of a trustworthy tablet case

There are two lessons to be taught in this story:

1. Plan in advance what you want to bring on your travels and make sure it is a realistic amount of stuff

2. Plan the bags you want to use too, and make attempts them before the very last minute before leaving!

I hadn’t done any of these things, and I was about to pay for the consequences. I am very grateful for this tablet cover of mine. This is another golden rule when it comes to travel accessories: make sure you chose top quality cases. Otherwise you risk being betrayed when you need them the most! This is especially important for the bag in which you carry your precious technology stuff, which you want to arrive at your destination without a scratch.

Without my magic tablet case, my experience could have been much worse: I would have to pay for the extra bag, or for a new tablet. It happened to me in the past that I ruined my device’s screen because I was using terrible cases or no case at all. I’ve learned this on my skin: after overloading my suitcases, when I checked my tablet the screen was all blurred, and I could not see pictures clearly anymore.

This is a real story, learn from my mistakes and maybe take some time to think whether yours is a trustworthy protection for your tech, or if you need to buy a more reliable one. But most importantly, don’t be the annoying person who occupies the whole plane with his pieces of luggage!

Laura Minafo

23 years old Italian girl, with a passion for sharing experiences. Currently based in Beijing, but addicted to traveling. Eager about learning new things.