Travel and Work: 5 Ways to make Money Online

2018-12-18 12:17:51

Whether you’re hanging out at a local breakfast bar, relaxing in the communal area of your hostel or passing time on a 16 hour long haul flight, there are multiple ways to travel and work. With more and more companies offering ways to make money online to anyone with a tablet and internet connection, there’s never been a better time to make money when you travel.

1. Write about travel

There will always be a demand for those who love to explore to write about travel. Whether you write directly for a travel company or start your own travel blog, sharing your experience and knowledge is invaluable to other people visiting an area for the first time. If you enjoy a tour, airline or travel gadget, approach online platforms to share your feedback with, from other travel bloggers who have a well established following to companies that directly sell the product you enjoyed.

Tip: Starting a travel blog helps you learn writing skills and discipline whilst also offering multiple other ways to make money online.

2. Become a travel influencer

With the right message, colour tones and promotion, if you can grow a travel audience through social media, travel companies will be keen for you to advertise their product to your readership. Work out what you want to say and what you want to promote. Be a positive travel influencer who believes in and would use the things they promote online. This way, you will enjoy greater longevity and can feel proud of what you do, making travel and work enjoyable.

Tip: Be honest in your posts. You would be amazed how many people love to see the truth of travel; all the nitty gritty and hardships experienced along the way. Why? Because it’s far more relatable.

3. Advertise on your travel website

If you choose the travel writing route and create a travel blog of your own, you can use this platform to promote and advertise other companies by installing advertising tools. Multiple people pay for advertising space on websites based on how many visitors you get to your page and how many adverts can be presented to your readers. This is one of the most passive ways to make money online.

Tip: Quite often you don’t get a say over what is advertised on your platform which can be off putting initially. But once your website is established and your message is clear, most advertising platforms will try to match potential readers to what you do in order to achieve a higher click through rate.

4. Earn money from travel affiliates

Whether you use a travel blog or prefer social media accounts, a great way to travel and work is through affiliation with companies and products you use, like and want to support. Some smaller companies are not able to offer affiliation, but larger companies such as global hotel booking platforms or airline comparison websites, will offer affiliate programmes. Simply sign up and create links to their products. When a reader or follower clicks on the link, and then makes a purchase, you earn a commission on that sale. The affiliation link doesn’t affect the price the customer pays and commission rates vary from brand to brand.

Tip: It is always best to promote the companies you book with yourself and the products you use.

5. Teach English online

One of the most popular and successful ways to make money online whilst you travel is to teach a language. Online language schools offer the chance to build your own timetable of clients. Sometimes, all that can be involved is a video conversation to help improve a students confidence and understanding of the language they are looking to learn. English teachers are usually in high demand, schedules are often flexible and hours can be varied depending on your commitments. This is a powerful way to travel and work online because it involves helping others to travel too.

Tip: Get the right ergonomic set up for professional skype calls. Speaking to multiple students one after the other and sitting at your tablet for long periods of time can be stress free with a Silesian tablet case.

Travel and Work

So whether you are planning to work from your poolside lounger or in an economy seat heading to a new destination, combine travel and work with ease and make money from your passion. The opportunities and ways to make money online are infinite. The next time you jet off on an adventure, make money from travel. After all, the best jobs in the world are the ones that move with you.

Karen Rose Kingsbury

By Karen Rose Kingsbury

Karen Rose Kingsbury is a Travel and Wellness Writer with passions for transformative travel and mental health alongside vegan-friendly travel and plant-inspired living. She works as Content Marketing Executive for a U.K. travel brand as well as freelancing with her own websites; Transform Me Travel and The Natural Essex Girl.