Traveling and Teaching with the Silesian Case

As a freelance travel writer and online teacher, I am always looking for technology that will make my lifestyle more efficient. Hence, the ergonomic design of the Silesian Case really stood out to me.

Many digital nomads opt to work from smaller and lighter pieces of equipment, such as tablets, as portability is essential. However, writing and researching for hours on a tablet can be exhausting and induces bad posture. I’ve often found that I am bent over my tablet for several hours at a time but the Silesian Case holds the tablet in an upright position which is ideal for working on articles and teaching via video chat. Comfort whilst writing is improved by the wrist support that the case offers and, as a result, my work efficiency has increased as I find myself writing for much longer without a sore neck or back pain.

Travel Made Easy with Lightweight Design

The portability of the case means that you can carry your office with you wherever you go. This is perfect for the digital nomad lifestyle as the case is both light and easy to set up. Thus, you can carry everything that you need to set up your office with you in one handy tablet bag. The most important thing for digital nomads is that equipment is light and easy to carry as you are often thinking about hand luggage weight allowance and how often you might be moving between different locations. As a travel writer, I am often working on the road, in airports, cafes or work spaces and need an easy way to set up my office whether I’m waiting for a flight or working on the beach and the case allows me to set up my office in a few easy steps no matter where I am.

Perfect for Teaching Online and in the Classroom

The case is also very useful in my teaching career. I use e-learning platforms to teach English both online and in the classroom. As e-learning is becoming increasingly advanced and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of learning a language, I incorporate technology into the majority of my lessons. However, traveling regularly means that I can’t bring a lot of equipment with me to each new destination. The case allows me to set up a presentation quickly in each new classroom and the students can interact with the screen with ease. The lightweight design also makes transporting my equipment between school and home and from class to class a lot easier. Furthermore, whilst teaching online the case allows the camera to point directly at my face without having to balance my tablet on books just to center my face on the screen.

Compatible with a Number of Popular Tablets

The case is compatible with a number of lightweight tablets, which are popular with digital nomads, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Google Slate and Lenovo Miix. In addition, I really like the professional design of the case. The shock absorbent material protects my tablet and the briefcase like design allows me to transport my equipment without drawing attention to it. With everything I need, including USB battery pack, wallet, phone, charger and passport, packed neatly into this case, my travel lifestyle has become a lot more efficient.

Tesni Patching

I am a passionate travel writer and photographer and have been writing on my own blog for 2 years whilst traveling. Currently, I teach English, write and travel in my spare time. I moved to Mexico several months ago and am exploring South and Central America. This year, I graduated from King’s College London with a 2:1 in Comparative Literature which allowed me to study different cultures and analyse language and cultural identity in countries like Mexico and China. I also write for a number of online magazines, proofread and translate articles as part of my freelancing career.