Traveling in efficency: carryng your tech gear in all safety


This post is going to be about how to carry your laptop (or tablet) while traveling. If you are thinking of traveling with your laptop, what should you consider as a priority to keep it safe? Or even, to make your trip easier and more comfortable? As a freelancer, I usually carry my tech around while traveling because of work. Truthfully, I was doing so as a student as well: going back and forth to the library every day, I’ve always preferred using my laptop rather than relying on the shared computers rooms. And this is why I have decided to write this article: it is a topic that can relate to many people, not only travelers but whoever uses his tablet for work every day.

So here I’ll tell you which are the priorities to be considered, let’s get started!

Reading my Kindle in an open space… Something I love!

A practical case

What do I mean by practical? It has to meet two requirements:

  1. It’s organized: it has room for all of your belonging and allows you to find them easily. How many of you have seen people struggling to pull their tablets out of their bags at the security checks in the airport? Or even worse, are you one of those people? If yes, you need a new case.

  2. It has to be easy to carry: that is a fundamental feature to me. And this counts both for a tablet case, which has to be slim enough to fit into your handbag, or for a larger computer case, which has to have a proper, sturdy handle. And why not, also a strap – sometimes you want your hands to be free, maybe while handing your passport at the check-in



You want to be able to place your tablet in your bag and be sure it will not crack. This is just purpose of a case right? This is for students mostly: it always happened to me that I would stay in the library until evening and then just head to grab some drinks with my friends. If you don’t want to drop your things home, you also want to be able not to be concerned about them all the time. And if you just toss your bag on the chair when you arrive, no harm was done.

Do not neglect your posture!

Not many people consider how important it is a healthy posture when you’re looking at the screen for a long time. Actually, we always tend to crash on our chair in the most twisted position, thinking this will make us comfortable. It might feel good at the moment, but then your neck and back will complain, trust me! If you already tend to suffer from this, then getting a proper case that allows you to seat neatly is just fundamental for you.

So these were my heads up! I hope they helped you clearing up your mind and finding your way towards what would really suit you. Leave some comments below if you have other suggestions or idea on what is important

Laura Minafo

23 years old Italian girl, with a passion for sharing experiences. Currently based in Beijing, but addicted to traveling. Eager about learning new things.