Turn your tablet into an ergonomic workstation and save your back


Do you use a tablet for work? For school? Are you a travelling writer who uses a tablet because of the mobility and freedom? I sure do. I love using my iPad for writing. But there is one drawback. It can sure get uncomfortable trying to prop a tablet up while writing, and most of the cases available does not improve the ergonomics at all. I have lower back issues so I need to be super aware of my posture. Tablets are just not posture-friendly or ergonomic. Prolonged use of any device, be it tablet, laptop or smartphone can be the cause of a variety of strains and injuries. Take breaks often to relieve these symptoms.

The Ergonomics of Writing

According to Dohrmann Consulting, the top tips for sitting in an office chair is the following:

  • Sit as far back as your hips will go in the chair.

  • Adjust the seat height so your feet are parallel or flat on the floor. Your knees must be level or below your hips and feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not cross your legs or sit on one foot. (I’m often guilty of this)

  • Be sure you have good upper and lower back support. Shoulders squared and not hunched forward.

  • The armrests should support your arms and shoulders.

Everyone will agree that it is nearly impossible to sit properly while working on a tablet. The screen is much lower than a normal computer screen and can’t be adjusted. It is a bit of a catch 22 situation, where you have the mobility and convenience, but the damage it can do to your back can become a chronic problem. Sitting in a slouched or uncomfortable position will also affect productivity. I know if my back starts aching, I battle to keep my thoughts in order.

ergonomic tablet stand


What is the solution?

Tablets are not going anywhere, that’s for sure. More and more schools use them and they are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace because of the lower cost as compared to laptops and the mobility and wide range of apps that can be used on them. We just need to find a way to make them a little more ergonomic and back-friendly. The Silesian case is one product that offers to combat these problems. It is a stylish carry case for your tablet and accessories that converts to a full-on mobile workstation that is ergonomical and easy to set up.

What does the Silesian case do exactly?

It is a briefcase, to begin with, made with high-quality materials to protect your tablet and keep all your accessories in one place. It then becomes an ergonomic desk for your lap. Lapability is the ability to work on your lap (think laptop), but tablets do not do very well with this, they are just not designed for it. The case has a stable base which makes it safe to use the tablet on your lap without fear of it falling. It elevates your screen, which means improved posture. It is great for typing, as the keyboard has been designed to keep your wrists in a neutral position.

The great thing is that it has been designed to work with almost every type of tablet. Just check their website or contact their support if you are unsure about your specific tablet.

Felicia Smit

Mommy blogger, freelance writer and coffee abuser.