Using a Tablet for Work

Tablets are an excellent option for work because they are very lightweight, cheaper than laptops and fit in very small spaces. In addition, tablets now a days are able to perform the same functions a computer would without the hassle of carrying a bulky device around. A tablet is a great option for work whether stationary or on the go but to make it a PERFECT option there are some aspects we must consider.

Common cons of working from tablets

The problems tablets basically face are: They are not at a comfortable viewing height, they usually don’t have as much memory space as computers and the fact that tablets use a touch screen can make typing jobs a little more difficult at times. In addition, many people suffer from back and neck problems because they hold their tablets in a bad posture and don’t know any other way to use them, but these are not cons that can’t be easily turned into pros with simple accessories that are easy to get.

How to easily tackle tablet cons

To get rid of your tablet problems and make it your best tool for work, all you need is to be able to transform your tablet into a complete mobile work space (which won’t require you taking desks and stands around with you!). Getting the right slim briefcase to carry your tablet around along with a couple small accessories can offer you both a comfortable surface for typing and a lightweight elevated stand to hold your tablet at a proper viewing height, making sure your posture is good and allowing you to work from ANYWHERE efficiently and comfortably for longer periods of time. Cases like these are now available in the market and are not hard to get.

Accessories to turn your tablet into a complete mobile work space

Some of the accessories you won’t regret getting for your tablet and will turn it into the best mobile work space you’ve had are: Memory cards with enough space for the amount of work you require, a comfortable lightweight briefcase that includes a comfortable surface for typing and an elevated stand to hold your tablet at your desired viewing height and a small wireless mouse if necessary.

Starting to work from your tablet

Many people have tablets at home which they use to watch videos, research things here and there or play games and probably see it as the last option for work; when it is time to work these people buy computers and turn to them thinking thus they will accomplish their work more efficiently but here you can see that is not the case if you know HOW to use your tablet right and if you understand the benefits of having everything you need in such a lightweight device. Having considered all these benefits and having learnt how to tackle the common cons it’s time to consider not buying that new computer and start using your tablet for work while enjoying its full potential.


María José Mera Washburn

Hi! I’m Maria! I’m from Ecuador, South America. After living in the city my whole life and working a traditional job since I was 17, I moved to the country side and started working online. I am currently teaching, writing, growing food, making friends and enjoying a simple life.