What are the advantages of having a tablet?

When I moved from the Philippines to Aspen, Colorado for my one-year internship, all I have with me at that time was my tablet and my qwerty phone used for sending farewell messages at the airport. Fast forward to a few months of living in that little town I managed life with my tablet alone.

Contact anyone with your tablet.

Not having a smartphone can be quite easy especially when there’s free access to public wifi almost everywhere. In Aspen’s case, they have one at the bus station and pretty much in the other establishments too. Nowadays, most people have internet anyway which makes it easier to communicate even without the need of a phone. You can download and use several messaging apps that are free and only requires you to stay connected online.

Watch on a bigger screen with your tablet.

After six months of living in our accommodation in Snowmass Aspen, we then moved to a cheaper yet smaller lodging. It’s a small apartment shared between three people, and unfortunately, television isn’t part of the unit. Apart from using it at home, we also get to watch movies or video clips while in the bus station. Also, the tablet’s bigger screen is way better than the phone’s smaller screen. This way, you can watch with a great distance and not strain your eyes.

How I wish Silesian case has been released earlier in the market. This way, I can bring my tablet separately and not complain from having back and shoulder pain. Aside from the convenience of carrying this briefcase, I can also use it as a tablet stand while watching movies. It also improves posture as you can adjust and elevate the screen to your liking. The materials used for the Silesian case briefcase was a durable and vegan-friendly leather which is also water-proof which means it’s perfect even for the snowy winter time in Aspen. It is also spacious which allows room for your other stuff such as your earphones, tablet USB cord, power bank and much more.


Use your tablet to take photos and videos.

Despite its weight, taking snaps and footages from your tablet can be quite an advantage. You get to see your subject on a bigger perspective which allows you to stay focused and capture well. Seriously, my friends from Aspen would know how much I love documenting our fun moments together with the use of my tablet.

Tablet can be a smartphone and laptop in one.

With its big screen, I get to write my drafts for my blog as well as my reaction paper and some other school requirements which I need to get done. When typing on my tablet, I used to have this discomfort from leaning forward to the screen which most of the time sits flat on the table. As I mentioned, if only Silesian case had been available at that time, my life would have been so much easier.

Play 2-player games on your tablet.

Playing a 2-player game on your phone can be quite difficult. Aside from the fact that the images and texts are smaller, you also have to stay so close to each other and manage to tap on that tiny screen regardless of how big your fingers are. Kidding aside, playing 2-player games on your tablet is indeed way better. Need I say more?

These are the advantages of having a tablet which has worked for me. It was almost a year that I didn’t get myself a phone until a two to three months before I went back home to the Philippines, I got myself an oldie flip phone. It only costs a few bucks, since I wanted to experience the prepaid phone services in the US. But you know what, I can go on for the entire year without one.


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