What Digital Nomads Need to Boost Remote Productivity

Is it somewhat of an irony that in the face of a History which is riddled with gory battles and murky wars that have been fought to invade, settle and start a civilisation we now seek the Nomadic way of life?

So, who are Digital Nomads?

Nomads of the Digital kind, continuously reliant on the internet to financially sustain a wandering lifestyle; we are the ‘Digital Nomads’ and this is the new dawn of our civilisation.

Digital nomads are potentially the ultimate remote worker. Typically travellers and freelancers involved with internet journalism, bloggers, photographers and artists in pursuit of anything unconventional or unique to report of.  This is a relatively new trend that has made it possible for us to frequently change locations and independently move between cities or countries while working on the go.

The very essence of the concept of Digital Nomadism is the easy availability of technology via the internet.  Connectivity, productivity and efficiency depend on their use of different variants of  Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or smart watches.  So, it comes as no surprise here that the increase in the use of technology this way has created a whole new market that only deals with technology aids and accessories to combat the increasing woes that have come about due to the Digital Nomadic Lifestyle.  The Silesian Case is one such aid and accessory that has recently been launched and is bound to sweep the new age nomads right off their wandering feet while helping them boost their remote productivity.

Silesian Case and how it helps Boost Remote Productivity

This case is an ultra mobile workstation thoughtfully designed to hold your mobile device along with your daily accessories while on the go. An ideal companion for the Digital Nomad, the stylish Silesian Case looks like a smart briefcase or a savvy document folder which surprisingly opens up to recreate your very own private workstation.

The case comes equipped with an adjustable elevated stand to hold the tablet at your most convenient height. Just about any brand of tablet device can fit into this case. Claimed to be an Ergonomically designed, the Silesian Case is committed to improving the way in which people work with tablets by removing maximum risk factors while on the move.

A practical answer for those agonising workhours in front of the screen, at unfamiliar places;  this case is designed with an adjustable height option to help the wandering nomad sit up straight and relieve the tension of the spine. This ensures that sore necks and cramped shoulder muscles become a thing of the past only to replace the effect with an improvement in posture and productivity. Say goodbye to ‘painful wrists’ as the firm yet spongy base supports while using the keypad. Not only does the Silesian case enhance the portability factor of your tablet but it also gives you your own private workspace just about anywhere you want. The perfect companion for the ‘Digitally’ mobile ‘Nomad’.

What’s more? Transit woes and unprecedented damages get cut to the minimum with the use of this case that is made up of premium quality, shock absorbent composite material and acts as a complete cover and protection for your device.

This Case is a clever testament to the wonders of science; the advent of technology and the adaptation to a Digitally Nomadic lifestyle.

Srijana PS

Travelling, Writing and Sketching as I explore lesser known places, timeless destinations and familiar backdrops.