Why a tablet is essential for digital nomads

If you are a digital nomad, you need to think of smart ways to travel with everything you need. It is essential to reduce the weight and volume of your luggage. That’s exactly what a tablet will help you do.

Find out how a tablet can make your life easier!

Stay productive

No matter in which sector you are working, a digital nomad needs to find ways to stay productive from anywhere. Chances are that you will be often on the road, either on a plane or a train.
And if you are at your destination, you probably do not have a proper office to work from. Still, you want to stay productive while you are away.

A tablet does more than a mobile phone and takes less space than a laptop.

It is easy to take notes when you have ideas or update materials you are working on.



Stay connected

Nowadays, it is easy to find an Internet connection, and you can have all your necessary files and documents on the cloud. So you can use your tablet to:
– Check and answer your emails
– Share information with others
– Make video calls
– Make presentations

A tablet is so versatile that you will probably be able to do everything you need while traveling.

Stay up to date

The great thing with a tablet is that you can also use it to watch TV, listen to the radio or read your favorite newspaper. Many channels are available online and while they might restrict their programs depending on the country you are connecting from, they usually let anyone watch their news section. So you can stay informed of what is going on in your home country or in the country you are traveling.

Most radios are also available on streaming so if you cannot sit and watch, you can simply connect your earplugs and listen to the news.


Stay relaxed

Work hard also means play hard! You can also use your tablet to play some games, watch videos or connect to social media.

Your neck and eyes will be thankful as it is way more comfortable than using a phone!

In my case, I sometimes purchase a VPN subscription to be able to watch my favorite TV programs from anywhere in the world!



Stay inspired

I love using my tablet to read books when I travel. To be honest, I prefer to have the paper version of a book. But when you travel and you are restricted by weight, it’s a great option to keep reading and especially to carry more than one book. You can also follow your favorite feeds or listen to your favorite podcasts.

Stay in shape

A tablet is a better option in terms of weight. And if you are equipped with the Silesian case, it will be very easy for you to keep a good posture while using your tablet. You can indeed adjust the height of the screen to keep your neck relaxed.



It is also best used with tablets like Lenovo miix, Google slate or an iPad pro, as you can use a keyboard in a practical way for your wrists.

The Silesian case is perfect to carry your tablet and at the same time have a mobile office that will help you keep a healthy posture for any work you are doing on it.

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