Why the Silesian Case is Ideal for Online and School Teachers

As both an online ESL teacher and school teacher, I need equipment that aids learning and makes my lessons as efficient as possible. Here are a few ways that the Silesian Case has helped me to improve my lessons.

Ideal for classroom presentations

With technology becoming ever more useful in the classroom, I need an easy way to show my students presentations and information using my tablet. This used to be really difficult before I found the Silesian Case. I would have to hold up my tablet, so that all the students could see the screen, and move through the presentation simultaneously. Now, using the Silesian Case, I can have my tablet in an upright position on my desk, so that all the students can see the screen, whilst I focus on the lesson and guide them through the content with both hands free for total physical response. I spend less time trying to figure out how to move through the slides and hold up the tablet simultaneously and more time helping my students to understand the lesson.

Perfect for online teaching

Aside from school classes, I also teach English online. As an online ESL teacher, I always need to have my tablet positioned at eye-level so that I can have clear eye contact with the students and keep them engaged. Keeping students engaged in an online platform is very different to being in a classroom where you are present and able to pick up on classroom management issues. With online teaching, all you have is eye to eye contact through the screen. Because of this, I need to be positioned directly in the center of the screen at all times. Before using the case, I would perch my tablet on books to keep it at eye-level and it was always difficult to engage with the lesson as moving the tablet could destabilize it. With the Silesian Case, my tablet remains firmly in position throughout my class and I can concentrate on my students.

Transportable and easy to set up

What’s more, I often worried about transporting my equipment between classes. In a normal school day, I will have six classes which means picking up my things and moving between classrooms multiple times. Not only was I worried about leaving something behind, but I was even more worried about damaging my laptop and not having teaching equipment for the next class. With the Silesian Case, all my notes, USB sticks, charges and other essentials are neatly packed into one bag, ready to move between classes and I know that my tablet is protected because of the quality of the cases’ leather design. The design of the case makes it look like a normal leather briefcase which is also perfect for looking professional at school. In addition, once I arrive at the next class, the stand takes just seconds to set up. As all my classes are back to back, setting up quickly is essential for stopping my students from losing attention. Thus, the efficiency of the Silesian Case has made my transition between classes much more effective.

Tesni Patching

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