Work Anytime, Anywhere Without Compromising Your Health

The new day and age of professionalism do not require a fixed workplace, per se. Freelancing is the new trend and why shouldn’t it be? Not only does it let people work at their own pace, but they can do it at their comfort as and when they wish. One of the biggest perks of working freelance is that you don’t have to report to an office. In fact, you can be traveling on your job. And who doesn’t like to travel? Most freelancers love taking this freedom of mobility up almost immediately as it lets them grow and gather more experiences, and who doesn’t enjoy making memories!

Traveling on the job sure does have many perks, but there are some issues which freelancers face on day to day basis. As awesome it is to not have a regular desk job, many freelancers suffer from health problems like back and neck pain, a strain on the eyes from using a tablet way too close to their face, and many more. So the best solution that comes up to combat this occupational health hazard is the Silesian case!


What is a Silesian Case?

A Silesian case is an ergonomic solution to working on the go. It is essentially a smartly designed stand which can hold your tablet while you rest it on any flat surface or even your lap. All you need to do is open up the Silesian case, set it up according to your liking (you can choose the angle at which you want to set it) and work away! When closed, a Silesian case looks like a sleek briefcase which is light and easy to carry around. You can slip this into your backpack or just hold it by the handle and carry it around with you.


How does a Silesian Case help you?

If you have experience using your smartphone or tablet on any type of public transport or any other place where you don’t have any place to set your device, you would know the feeling of discomfort that comes along with working on the go. From devices slipping out of your hands, to annoying aches in your neck, back, eyes, arms and so on. It also does not give you the peace of mind, something that you need when you want to be productive at work.

When you use a Silesian case, you are alleviating all this suffering by just using one single stand for your device. The Silesian case has an inbuilt mouse and an ergonomic keyboard which lets you scroll or type without any problem. The stand is lightweight so it doesn’t act as an additional burden when you are on the go.


Perks of owning your own Silesian Case

The advantages of having your own ergonomic tablet stand are endless, but let us list it out for the convenience of our readers –

It is designed for travelers and freelancers who are always on the move

It is compact and light and can be carried as a briefcase when you are not using it

Once opened, you can fix your device (Apple iPads, Google Slate, Tablets, etc) and start working right away

It has a high-grade mouse built into the design of the case

You reduce the chances of dropping your device and causing harm to it

You maintain good posture and do not stress your eyes out

You can rest your wrists comfortably, causing in less pain in the arms and wrists

You can keep all your tablet supplies in handy when you are using the case. The Silesian case can accommodate your device charger, your device, phone charger, few items of stationery, wallet, passport and so on.

It is the perfect traveling companion!


Raveena Sakiri

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