Working Mobile: Sometimes All You Need is A Change of Ambiance

Regardless of whether or not you’re a busy student tackling multiple deadlines, a fresh-out-of-college young professional, or if you’ve already been working a couple of years, it is undeniable how sometimes, work can just get exhausting. As such, one thing a lot of people may underestimate is the power of a change of ambiance. This is one big perk of being a digital nomad, or if not to that extent, at least working mobile.

The word ambiance, by definition, refers to the quality, atmosphere, feeling, vibe, or character of a place or time. Sometimes, we have a tendency to fall into a routine, and although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the repetitive atmosphere we expose ourselves to can also affect how productive we are and how industrious we feel. So, when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps or when you think that you don’t have enough motivation and creative juices to get your work done, a change of ambiance could probably do you good.

Check out the list below for some suggestions you could try when you think you could use a new atmosphere to hustle and get some work done:

Cafés or Coffee Shops

Coffee fuels a lot of different kinds of people, but what these people usually have in common is the need for energy to get things done. Thus, cafés and coffee shops usually provide a conducive enough atmosphere for people who need to be productive, particularly students and working professionals who work mainly through a tablet or laptop.

Restaurants or Fast Food Joints

Although restaurants and food joints are places usually for social gatherings (meaning they can get a little noisy, especially during peak times), there are also a lot of these places that are less hectic and quieter than the usual — enough for you to tick off tasks on your to-do list. Otherwise, going to these places during times that are not peak hours (like lunch time and dinner time) can also be an alternative.

Libraries or Museums

Libraries are great places to study. Aside from being quiet, libraries almost always have a designated space, usually for academics, that is meant for working and studying. On the other hand, even though museums may seem like an odd place to be an alternative place to work, they are often built similar to libraries which mean they are also conducive places for getting that job done. Also, both these places more likely than not offer free wifi as well.

Co-working Spaces

Along with the increase in people who work mobile, co-working spaces are now becoming more and more available. These spaces usually look similar to stereotypical offices, except less rigid and more conducive. Often, people who go these places need a working space and are willing to pay for free-flowing coffee and internet access. Co-working spaces may be preferable for people who want to be sure that the place has a good environment for working. Usually, you can assure that these places are filled with people who want the same environment as you.

Community Parks or Gardens

You might have heard how the color green can refresh your eyesight, particularly after working long hours looking at the screen of a tablet or computer. Finding a nice and shaded area in a community park or garden can give you enough greens and fresh air for a bright and refreshing ambiance to work in.

The Greater Outdoors

Going beyond your local park, going to the greater outdoors can be an amazing alternative ambiance for work. With good weather, working outdoors and exposed to nature can be a brilliant and invigorating alternative working environment.


Depending on where you are and what is accessible to you, try to check out other alternatives that could work for you. Sometimes, even just moving from your bedroom to the living room can be enough of an atmosphere change. Explore and never underestimate the power of a change in ambiance.


Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is currently based in Metro Manila.