Working on the road: How to prevent neck pain

More and more people decide to convert their careers into a digital habitat. That is why the change of the lifestyle is certainly needed.

Living in the digital times

We live in a digital world and it has become completely normal to do your job or at least a part of your assignments via digital platforms. At some point, the moment can’t be correctly defined, while transitioning from doing our work physically to this new software era, we have lost track of thinking about ourselves. We’ve just forgotten how to take care of our health while working.

Change is important

Now, it’s time to change that.

We chose to change. We chose to start caring. We are tired of a sore neck.

Working on our computers or similar devices puts us in a situation where we want to take the best position to feel as much comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, these postures are not always to the best solution for our bodies. The body chooses the easiest way. It is just what the evolution gave us – to always seek the best solution. But, what is the most comfortable at the moment, can make permanent damage to our body. It can, step by step, lead us to the unbearable pain that will take years to cure, if ever. As it happened, most freelancers, chose to work while traveling. Accordingly, to that, more light and compact devices are being used, such as phones or in the best case – tablets. Tablet is a device, very convenient to use. It’s light, it does not take a lot of space, it just fits. And, what we feel is the best is the fact that it can be used in any position of our body. But, at what cost?

Is it really worth it to destroy your spine and shorten the important muscles of your body that can lead to limited movements just so you can lay down on the beach while writing the article that will pay for your spot on that beach? Well, if you ask me it is not. Because, most beaches are free of charge so money does not buy everything, especially your well being.

If you are one of those using tablets, great for you! They are just great! But, choose a different way! Use these perfectly designed devices while saving your health! It is not hard, you are in the right place to take the first step! Freelance writing can become much easier!

The Silesian Case

To improve your posture and your well being in general, while working using tablets, consider trying The Silesian Case. It is great because you can use it with Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel Slate and many more. It is ready to answer all of your needs.

Its beautiful design, with the great ergonomic use, will change your everyday working life! It is created to elevate your screen so it’s more visible to you without moving your head or neck to come closer. It is stable while typing and easily changes to the modern briefcase that will also improve your style.

Practically, it transforms your tablet into a multifunctioning computer that makes it easier to use it and makes it more fashionable to carry it.

Name one valid reason for not trying it right away!



Samra Ribić

I am an adventurer, traveler, and writer! My dream is to embrace the world and also lead people to do the same. I came from Bosnia and I am a young doctor with itchy feet! I like to write about places and people! My hobbies include photography, permaculture, and volunteering!