Working while Travelling made Easy with the Silesian Case

So what do you pack when you travel? Ask any traveller this question and invariably a ‘laptop’ or a ‘tablet’ pops up somewhere in the list. We have to admit that ‘ working while travelling’ has become an integral part of our lives. Even when we want to escape our daily routines and seek the solitude and beauty of travelling, we cannot bear to part with our Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or smart watches.

This concept is not only confined to ’travellers’ flitting from one destination to another or to those wandering into exotic getaways but it also includes a broader spectrum that looks startlingly familiar. Just look around and you will see almost every working professional or student armed with their favourite tablets as they travel to the office or school or university.

It is no wonder that prompted by the increasing trend of ‘working while travelling’ a surplus of technology aids have started flooding the consumer market to combat the burgeoning threat of occupational health hazards associated with it. So, before you dive straight into the range of new accessories on offer, may we bring your attention to a smart newbie on the block called the Silesian Case.

What is this Silesian Case?

It is a super portable workstation designed to hold your smart mobile device along with your daily accessories while on the go. A perfect companion for the new age of mobile computing, the stylish Silesian Case looks like another smart briefcase or a savvy document folder but delightfully comes across as a surprise when it opens up to recreate your very own private mobile workspace, anywhere you want it to.

The case comes equipped with an adjustable elevated stand to hold the tablet at your most convenient height. What’s more? Just about any mobile tablet can fit right into this smart case whether it is a Microsoft Surface, an iPad Pro, a Lenovo miix or a google slate.

How does the Silesian Case make 'working while travelling'easier?

The science of Ergonomics behind the making of the Silesian Case is committed to improving the way in which people work with tablets by removing maximum risk factors.  This case is ergonomically designed with an adjustable height option to help you sit up straight and relieve that tension off your spine. Say goodbye to sore necks and cramped shoulder muscles and improve your posture. The firm yet spongy base supports the wrist too!


Not only does the Silesian case enhance the portability factor of your tablet but it also gives you your very own private workspace just about anywhere you want. Yes! your stylish briefcase opens up into a workstation on your lap.

Transit woes and unprecedented damages get cut to the minimum with the use of this case that is made up of premium quality, shock absorbent composite material and acts as a complete cover and protection for your device.



This case also helps you improve connectivity that is crucial for business outreach and transactions with its intended mobile usage as a briefcase or a document folder. By making a personal working space available for a freelance writer,  a self-employed entrepreneur or a student just about anywhere, anytime, this case acts like a complete tool to provide you with a definite edge while on the go.  So, get hold of this new traveller's aid to see a distinct improvement in your social engagements with its additional quotient of sleek, stylish and uber cool.

Srijana PS

Travelling, Writing and Sketching as I explore lesser known places, timeless destinations and familiar backdrops.