Working on the road: How to prevent neck pain

More and more people decide to convert their careers into a digital habitat. That is why the change of the lifestyle is certainly needed. Living in the digital times We live in a digital world and it has become completely normal to do your job or at least a part of your assignments via digital platforms. At some point, the moment can’t be correctly defined, while transitioning from doing our work physically to this new software era, we have lost track of thinking about ourselves. We’ve just forgotten how to take care of our health while working. Change is important Now, […]

An Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Briefcase in One as Birthday Gift

I celebrated my 30th birthday a couple of days ago, and that prompted plenty of reflection on the years that have gone by – who I was in my younger years, where I was headed then, and now, what I have accomplished and looking forward to my next adventures. Looking back and looking ahead, I realized that technology played and will continue to play a critical role in my life, so it’s important to get smart about how I use this blessing. Yes, despite its drawbacks I refer to technology as a blessing because it definitely helps improve our lives. […]

How to make sitting less hazardous for your health.

Sitting sounds like an innocuous thing to do. For most people with office jobs, it is the most common position to get the job done. As the world advances the number of tasks that require individuals to stick on their desk and chair is increasing and the number of digital nomads is on the rise more than the previous years. The longer we sit, the more we are likely to jeopardize our health? How does sitting affect your health? 13 different studies by Harvard Medical School proved that people that sit long hours are most likely to suffer deaths similar […]

The best tablet case for a freelance tutor

As a freelance tutor, my tablet is an integral part of my business. It’s my mobile classroom. All my lessons involve my tablet, whether to check my lesson plan, track my students’ progress, watch a short video or complete an interactive activity. Without it, my lessons would be much more boring and far less accurate. Ultimately, my business would suffer. As such, protecting my tablet is of utmost importance. Why tablet cases are important Although perhaps cheaper than a laptop, tablets are still a considerable investment. It’s important to make sure they are protected no matter how you use them. […]

Four Challenges You'll Definitely Encounter When You Work Mobile

When you work the nomadic style, — moving from one place to another, usually not limited to a specific time — you’ll more or less encounter a few challenges that will hinder your work and your productivity. Working away from the office or away from home means that your office is never one thing for too long and the only constant thing about your working environment is that it always changes.  Most of the time, this also means that you share your temporary workspace with people who aren’t exactly a digital nomad like you. Check out the following challenges that you’re […]

Work Anytime, Anywhere Without Compromising Your Health

The new day and age of professionalism do not require a fixed workplace, per se. Freelancing is the new trend and why shouldn’t it be? Not only does it let people work at their own pace, but they can do it at their comfort as and when they wish. One of the biggest perks of working freelance is that you don’t have to report to an office. In fact, you can be traveling on your job. And who doesn’t like to travel? Most freelancers love taking this freedom of mobility up almost immediately as it lets them grow and gather […]

Tablet Case Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a tablet user then you must understand the need of buying a tablet case! Tablet has undoubtedly made our lives convenient, we can now go travel anywhere wit, we can now go travel anywhere without worrying about our work. The easy-to-use tablets give you an opportunity to make your work life easier. But excess you anything isn’t good, agree? Well, the case is the same with tablets. The prolonged usage of this gadget can lead to some serious problems like neck strains, posture issues and many more. But, you live in the world of innovation, remember? Now you […]

5 Benefits of Blog Writing

Writing is one of the things I love doing ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I am so much into writing on my diary sharing my thoughts and experiences on that day. When I have grown into a teenager, several social media sites came out. From those platforms, I have learned to express myself in the form of writing, and eventually, signed up in a blogging platform. I have switched to different blogging sites until I finally had my domain name. Before blogging became a thing, I never knew anyone benefits from it. Little did I know […]

4 Essential Tips To Work While Travelling

As a student who always loved traveling and now as a freelance writer keeping on the road, I’ve worked during my trips countless times. Even if it’s not always easy to keep working when you’re visiting a different city or country, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Working in new places might even be beneficial and improve your creativity. With digital nomadism becoming more popular and flights getting cheaper and more accessible, I believe this is a relevant issue nowadays. From my own experiences, I picked up a couple of tips that will hopefully help any travel affectionate to […]

The all-in-one workstation for your tablet

Having a Tablet is pretty cool. It’s basically this mini-laptop (or big phone) you can take anywhere with you. It allows you to watch movies, do your work, play games, read the news etc. So it can be pretty handy. That said, it isn’t perfect. A lot of Tablet users suffer from bad posture, strained muscles, and strained eyes. This is because the Tablet was designed around maneuverability, and as such sacrificed some otherwise necessary features. Enter the Silesian case. This case was designed to support and cover all the drawbacks of using a ‘Tablet. We’ll be talking more about it […]

Travel and Work: 5 Ways to make Money Online

Whether you’re hanging out at a local breakfast bar, relaxing in the communal area of your hostel or passing time on a 16 hour long haul flight, there are multiple ways to travel and work. With more and more companies offering ways to make money online to anyone with a tablet and internet connection, there’s never been a better time to make money when you travel. 1. Write about travel There will always be a demand for those who love to explore to write about travel. Whether you write directly for a travel company or start your own travel blog, […]

How Silesian Case Prevents Heartburn and Slowed Digestion

It’s quite surprising isn’t as to how Silesian Case would prevent heartburn and slow digestion? Well, the Harvard researchers say that slouching promotes indigestion and slowed metabolism. These two factors may significantly affect your occupational health and can drastically reduce your performance at work. How does poor posture cause heartburn When you’re hunched over and working on your tablet or computer all day, your digestion process gets disturbed. This lousy posture reduces the space for the vital organs in your body. In such a case the stomach acid used for digesting food will be blocked, and it will flow back […]
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