Working on the road: How to prevent neck pain

More and more people decide to convert their careers into a digital habitat. That is why the change of the lifestyle is certainly needed. Living in the digital times We live in a digital world and it has become completely normal to do your job or at least a part of your assignments via digital platforms. At some point, the moment can’t be correctly defined, while transitioning from doing our work physically to this new software era, we have lost track of thinking about ourselves. We’ve just forgotten how to take care of our health while working. Change is important Now, […]

An Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Briefcase in One as Birthday Gift

I celebrated my 30th birthday a couple of days ago, and that prompted plenty of reflection on the years that have gone by – who I was in my younger years, where I was headed then, and now, what I have accomplished and looking forward to my next adventures. Looking back and looking ahead, I realized that technology played and will continue to play a critical role in my life, so it’s important to get smart about how I use this blessing. Yes, despite its drawbacks I refer to technology as a blessing because it definitely helps improve our lives. […]

How to make sitting less hazardous for your health.

Sitting sounds like an innocuous thing to do. For most people with office jobs, it is the most common position to get the job done. As the world advances the number of tasks that require individuals to stick on their desk and chair is increasing and the number of digital nomads is on the rise more than the previous years. The longer we sit, the more we are likely to jeopardize our health? How does sitting affect your health? 13 different studies by Harvard Medical School proved that people that sit long hours are most likely to suffer deaths similar […]

The best tablet case for a freelance tutor

As a freelance tutor, my tablet is an integral part of my business. It’s my mobile classroom. All my lessons involve my tablet, whether to check my lesson plan, track my students’ progress, watch a short video or complete an interactive activity. Without it, my lessons would be much more boring and far less accurate. Ultimately, my business would suffer. As such, protecting my tablet is of utmost importance. Why tablet cases are important Although perhaps cheaper than a laptop, tablets are still a considerable investment. It’s important to make sure they are protected no matter how you use them. […]

Four Challenges You'll Definitely Encounter When You Work Mobile

When you work the nomadic style, — moving from one place to another, usually not limited to a specific time — you’ll more or less encounter a few challenges that will hinder your work and your productivity. Working away from the office or away from home means that your office is never one thing for too long and the only constant thing about your working environment is that it always changes.  Most of the time, this also means that you share your temporary workspace with people who aren’t exactly a digital nomad like you. Check out the following challenges that you’re […]

Work Anytime, Anywhere Without Compromising Your Health

The new day and age of professionalism do not require a fixed workplace, per se. Freelancing is the new trend and why shouldn’t it be? Not only does it let people work at their own pace, but they can do it at their comfort as and when they wish. One of the biggest perks of working freelance is that you don’t have to report to an office. In fact, you can be traveling on your job. And who doesn’t like to travel? Most freelancers love taking this freedom of mobility up almost immediately as it lets them grow and gather […]

Tablet Case Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a tablet user then you must understand the need of buying a tablet case! Tablet has undoubtedly made our lives convenient, we can now go travel anywhere wit, we can now go travel anywhere without worrying about our work. The easy-to-use tablets give you an opportunity to make your work life easier. But excess you anything isn’t good, agree? Well, the case is the same with tablets. The prolonged usage of this gadget can lead to some serious problems like neck strains, posture issues and many more. But, you live in the world of innovation, remember? Now you […]

5 Benefits of Blog Writing

Writing is one of the things I love doing ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I am so much into writing on my diary sharing my thoughts and experiences on that day. When I have grown into a teenager, several social media sites came out. From those platforms, I have learned to express myself in the form of writing, and eventually, signed up in a blogging platform. I have switched to different blogging sites until I finally had my domain name. Before blogging became a thing, I never knew anyone benefits from it. Little did I know […]

4 Essential Tips To Work While Travelling

As a student who always loved traveling and now as a freelance writer keeping on the road, I’ve worked during my trips countless times. Even if it’s not always easy to keep working when you’re visiting a different city or country, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Working in new places might even be beneficial and improve your creativity. With digital nomadism becoming more popular and flights getting cheaper and more accessible, I believe this is a relevant issue nowadays. From my own experiences, I picked up a couple of tips that will hopefully help any travel affectionate to […]

The all-in-one workstation for your tablet

Having a Tablet is pretty cool. It’s basically this mini-laptop (or big phone) you can take anywhere with you. It allows you to watch movies, do your work, play games, read the news etc. So it can be pretty handy. That said, it isn’t perfect. A lot of Tablet users suffer from bad posture, strained muscles, and strained eyes. This is because the Tablet was designed around maneuverability, and as such sacrificed some otherwise necessary features. Enter the Silesian case. This case was designed to support and cover all the drawbacks of using a ‘Tablet. We’ll be talking more about it […]

Travel and Work: 5 Ways to make Money Online

Whether you’re hanging out at a local breakfast bar, relaxing in the communal area of your hostel or passing time on a 16 hour long haul flight, there are multiple ways to travel and work. With more and more companies offering ways to make money online to anyone with a tablet and internet connection, there’s never been a better time to make money when you travel. 1. Write about travel There will always be a demand for those who love to explore to write about travel. Whether you write directly for a travel company or start your own travel blog, […]

How Silesian Case Prevents Heartburn and Slowed Digestion

It’s quite surprising isn’t as to how Silesian Case would prevent heartburn and slow digestion? Well, the Harvard researchers say that slouching promotes indigestion and slowed metabolism. These two factors may significantly affect your occupational health and can drastically reduce your performance at work. How does poor posture cause heartburn When you’re hunched over and working on your tablet or computer all day, your digestion process gets disturbed. This lousy posture reduces the space for the vital organs in your body. In such a case the stomach acid used for digesting food will be blocked, and it will flow back […]

Silesian Case: The Best Tablet Solution For All Digital Nomads

Nowadays in the open and digital world, many people are living as digital nomads. They work remotely from foreign countries, travel a lot and usually, their offices are coffee shops, co-working spaces, a bench in nature or the aeroplane table. Often the digital nomads are using tablets for their work because they are not so heavy or taking much space, but still, they are big enough to work constantly with them. Of course, there are many challenges these people are facing up every day and one of them is the comfort of their working place or the safety of the […]

Choosing a laptop/tablet case for freelance writers

Choosing a laptop for a freelance writer is crucial, but the case can play a vital role as well, especially when it can affect the quality of work, productivity and the health of the writer. Silesian has introduced an ergonomic case for laptops and tablets that became a must-have for anyone involved in freelance writing and remote work. Why choosing the right case is important? The remote work that used to be something unusual now is a choice of many people who don’t want to spend 8 hours a day in the office. A freelance writer performing a high-quality job […]

Things to Remember When Traveling With Chronic Pain

Travel is one of my favourite things to do in the world but it can be hard if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain. I myself have back problems and go to a chiropractor regularly. This can make lifting heavy bags when travelling harder. Here, I have compiled a list of the things that are important to do and the things you should bring to make your trip easier.   Things you should do when you travel Have all your emergency numbers For me, this is my parent’s number, my doctor’s number etc. Make sure to keep them safe […]

Solution For Bad Posture When Using Tablets

Today, using a tablet or a computer has become second nature. You see toddlers who, at a very tender age, already know how to navigate their parents’ tablets and phones.  Almost everyone has to use a computer or tablet for work and very commonly, for long periods of time. Prolonged use of computers and tablets can lead to a number of health problems such as neck pain, back pain, eye strains and headaches. These health problems are exacerbated by a poorly designed workspace that does not adjust to the user’s requirements, therefore, promoting bad posture. Symptoms of Bad Posture Living […]

Why the Silesian Case is Ideal for Online and School Teachers

As both an online ESL teacher and school teacher, I need equipment that aids learning and makes my lessons as efficient as possible. Here are a few ways that the Silesian Case has helped me to improve my lessons. Ideal for classroom presentations With technology becoming ever more useful in the classroom, I need an easy way to show my students presentations and information using my tablet. This used to be really difficult before I found the Silesian Case. I would have to hold up my tablet, so that all the students could see the screen, and move through the […]

Silesian Case: Helping you Work Remotely as a Freelancer

People often say that work and comfort can’t go hand in hand; you need to step out of your comfort zone and work. Well, this is not the case anymore. Introduction of tablets solved the dilemma of freelancers to carry their heavy laptops place to place and work. The lightweight tablets are easy to carry and easy to work on. But, the prolonged usage of a tablet can cause some serious health problems like posture issues. To cover that up, Silesian Case has designed the perfect tablet cases that will take you forward without any discomfort. Chill and Work Are […]

What Digital Nomads Need to Boost Remote Productivity

Is it somewhat of an irony that in the face of a History which is riddled with gory battles and murky wars that have been fought to invade, settle and start a civilisation we now seek the Nomadic way of life? So, who are Digital Nomads? Nomads of the Digital kind, continuously reliant on the internet to financially sustain a wandering lifestyle; we are the ‘Digital Nomads’ and this is the new dawn of our civilisation. Digital nomads are potentially the ultimate remote worker. Typically travellers and freelancers involved with internet journalism, bloggers, photographers and artists in pursuit of anything unconventional or unique […]

Techie? Here’s Why You Should Be A Digital Nomad In 2019

Being stuck in the traffic just to get to one’s office is something I dislike a lot. I bet you don’t like that, too. And that’s why I’m challenging you to become a digital nomad, especially if you consider yourself a techie. If you’re fond of bringing yourself to a café with a tablet PC on hand—or at least imagine yourself to—then get ready to work, play, and earn everywhere you can be. So, here’s why and how you can be a digital nomad in 2019. It’s Easier To Get A Freelance Job Freelancing platforms like UpWork and (something […]

Silesian Case: The Best Gear For Your Tablet PC

Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs often use multiple gadgets like iPads, Surface pro etc during their daily work routine. They might spend a huge amount of time on their gadgets, which might affect their productivity. For a digital nomad, productivity is the key to work efficiently. While they work on their gadgets for a long time, the wrong posture of their body might affect their back. It can also cause spinal or other related health issues. The best alternative for such a problem is to have a stand that could fix their gadget at a certain position so it gives comfort and […]

How Digital Nomads Can Easily Bring Their Work Anywhere

Working while travelling, as a digital nomad, can provide you with one of the richest, most freedom-filled lifestyles imaginable. But digital nomads still have to work. It’s not all lying on the beach, sipping pina coladas, watching the sunset without a care in the world. And especially when you are moving around so frequently, it can sometimes be a challenge, bringing your work everywhere but today, I’m going to walk you through two simple steps to make it easy to bring your work anywhere when you travel… Step #1 – Get the Right Device All a digital nomad really needs […]

Laptop vs Tablet: Which one is right for you?

We started by making the enormous computers smaller and smaller, to the point where every household had one. Then we made things a bit more convenient, by inventing portable computers, the laptops. Afterwards, we really took it up a notch by reducing the size and building a computer that can be with you 24/7, the smart phone. However, even though smartphones are amazing and capable of great things, it’s almost impossible to be productive when using them. That’s how tablets came to be. Laptops remain powerful. There are thousands of things that you can only do on laptops (and computers, […]

4 Ways To Optimise Your Tablet For Work

It is a given that tablets are here to stay. Tablets have become a staple for almost everyone- we use them for entertainment, study and work. They have even become increasingly common among office workers, who use them mainly because of their versatility. However, what many workers do not realise is the many ways a tablet can be optimised. Just by downloading the right app, tweaking a few settings or getting the right accessories, your tablet can perform a few digital tricks. Below I itemise a few things you can employ to optimise your tablet into a productivity-boosting device. Connect […]

Adult Learning: 3 Reasons to Return to Education

Would you love to learn something new? Have you considered returning to education? Do you have a passion or interest that you would love to develop further? School is certainly not just for children and teenagers. Learning should and can last forever, with our adult lives continuously being complemented by further training, higher education and extra skill sets. So if you have something you’ve been dying to learn more about or a qualification you would love to achieve, be inspired to return to school. There are many reasons to consider adult learning. Sure, it’s harder to find the time in […]

Ergonomics: Tips to Maximize Comfort and Efficiency When Working

Unbeknownst to many, there’s actually a term used to refer to the degree of comfort and efficiency a working environment has or can provide. This is called ergonomics. Although there are many external factors that may affect how effective, efficient, and comfortable you can get when and where you’re working, there are also a lot of personal efforts or changes we can make to make our working environment as conducive as possible. The list below summarizes the top three things you should take into account when making your working environment as ergonomically ideal as it can be. Good Lighting Leads […]

Silesian Case: Ergonomic Prevention For Bad Posture

In the digital world, many people are office workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, teachers, accountant or just students. We all are spending a lot of hours sitting in front of a computer to manage our tasks. With the time we should be concern about our occupational health because often such a work can be a reason for bad posture. The bad posture itself can cause neck and back pains, poor digestion, problems with blood circulation, breathing, heart, joints diseases and diseases caused by sore muscles. So we should not underestimate the poor posture and we should look for a solution on how […]

Investing in health to improve productivity as a freelance writer

As a freelance writer, making sure I am fit and well has become a top priority. This is because if I am ill or have neck pain, my productivity is greatly reduced. And, simply put, if I can’t write, I can’t earn. So, to protect my business and my income, I need to protect my health. Bad habits foster poor productivity When I first started out, I had no idea how greatly my bad habits were affecting my productivity. I didn’t exercise, and I had no routine. I slept badly and suffered from neck pain. I woke up every day […]

The Silesian Case: Perfect for a Digital Nomad

Everyone always needs a little extra cash, especially this time of year when it becomes gift giving season! The ultimate way to combat this is to have a little side gig to earn some extra cash. Some side gigs I have heard along the way is as simple as picking up a part time job at the local bar or grocery store, but I’ve also come across some pretty creative ones as well. Now, you never want to have this wonderful time of the year to be your downfall. In fact, if you’re like me, you want to use this […]

The Silesian Case: The Perfect Travel Buddy

The life of a freelance writer or digital nomad is exciting, but at times quite stressful as well. We travel often and are forced to set up our mobile workspace in the most unexpected, unique, and varied places – in the middle of a park, an outdoor cafe, on top of a mountain, and sometimes even in bed. Technology has helped develop the tools to make this kind of life possible, such as lighter devices packed with essential software and device organizers to help us nomads keep track of our gadgets and accessories, as well as ensure these are in […]

Minimalist Tips for the Digital Nomad

When you’re living the nomadic lifestyle, you keep everything that you need in your backpack and each item you carry with you is taking up weight in that suitcase you’re trying to keep small enough to carry on to your next flight.   Digital nomads are the ultimate minimalists.   You’ve made the decision to live life on the road, made seeing the world a priority. You’re living outside of the box and out of your suitcase. Every possession is researched, selected, and optimized to be a useful addition to your life. These tips will help you travel like a […]

Using A Tablet Efficiently While Travelling

Travelling is an essential part of life. It is not only an eye-opening experience but also a way to connect people of different backgrounds and cultures. Not only that, but travelling has become part of our work. We have found ways to be able to stay connected with our loved ones but at the same time explore this beautiful world we live in. Technology has made this possible but sometimes it becomes overbearing to keep track of all the electronics and accessories you need to stay connected all the time, not to mention health problems that arise due to bad […]

3 things digital nomads struggle with when travelling

The digital nomad lifestyle seems very attractive from the outside, and it is! You get to travel around the world, visit beautiful places, stay in exotic locations, all whilst taking your work with you. You’re free to explore and experience the world without having to sacrifice your income. You’re basically on paid vacation all the time. That said, it’s not all that easy. You may be able to work from anywhere but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to do so.  In this article, we’ll be talking some challenges that digital nomads encounter when traveling. Getting a reliable […]

A Quick Guide To Study Anywhere But Home

Whether you have noisy roommates, want to change your study habits or can't stop yourself from traveling during school time, you might eventually find yourself studying outside your “natural habitat”. I know your bedroom might be cozy and inviting, but if, like myself, you’ve realized it is far from being a productive work environment, these tips might help you change and improve your habits.   Study outdoors If it's not raining nor too cold, study outside. It lowers stress levels, boosts your memory and even improves creativity! I studied in Sweden, an amazing country, but which unfortunately faces a long, […]

7 best gift ideas for travelers

The Christmas season is starting and you are probably looking for some great gift ideas. In my case, I am passionate about travels, and obviously, I have a lot of friends who have a similar mindset. As a matter of fact, I have met some of my best friends while traveling! So if like me you are looking for nice presents for your family or friends who enjoy traveling, I am giving you a list of 7 best gifts for your loved ones!   Gift idea 1: Sleeping Mask   This is a must when you are taking a long […]

Switch To Silesian Tablet Stand To Avoid Neck Pain

Buying a portable gadget is always super cool. But it could really be a headache if its use gives you neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a backache. Mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets, or wearable computers may have brought a revolution in technology but have also given an open invitation to occupational hazards. Thanks to their conventional designs, these devices bring in much discomfort on being used repetitively. Professionals who spend hours in front of a laptop or tablet, Digital Nomads who need to carry portable devices to wherever they go, tall people for whom gadget height is always […]

A Handy Tablet Stand for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, I am at my computer for most of the day. My day consists of writing articles, proofreading and researching from dawn till dusk. This means that I have to have the most comfortable work space possible to keep up with my workload. With the Silesian Case, I have been able to work from anywhere without back pain and I also have had the piece of mind of knowing that all my essentials are neatly backed into one handy carrying back for whenever I want to move around. Comfort for long working hours No matter what your […]

A Tablet Case That Is Efficient And Gives Value For Money

The Silesian Case is a very relevant and relatable product that solves the ergonomics of all kinds of working environments- whether you are a student, parent, domestic nomad or professional- that is stylish, very efficient and gives value for money. Efficient in Every Aspect To begin with, the Silesian Case being almost the size of a normal laptop is not cumbersome to carry around. Another attractive feature of the Silesian Case is that even from its outward appearance, it is very stylish since it is made from eco-leather. Who doesn’t want to own something that looks sleek and expensive? With the Silesian Case, you […]

Digital Nomad? Work & Play Anywhere with the Google Pixel Slate

Laptops provide the best experience for most digital nomads until tablet PCs introduced a more lightweight and versatile option. Today, you can work with a Google Slate and thrive as a digital nomad, whether you’re freelance writing, developing WordPress sites, or simply running your business from an airplane or café. But why pick the Google Pixel Slate? Work with Your Google Drive As a digital nomad, you’ve probably gotten yourself a Google Drive account. In fact, you may have a G Suite-associated profile, because either your university or company or even you have applied for one. Now if you do […]

A Mobile Tablet Stand and Case for Busy College Students

In today’s world, we are becoming more and more connected and need to use technology for almost every aspect of our lives.  Computers are becoming smaller and smaller, and tablets and tablet PC’s are becoming more of the norm for many people.  For college students in particular, it’s more convenient to have smaller devices which are a little easier to carry around and access on the go.  Whether it be for taking notes in class or carrying around campus, it’s much easier to use a tablet device. Sleek Briefcase Design is Easy to Carry Wherever you go The Silesian case […]

Enjoying the Benefits of an Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Case

The importance of ergonomics at the workplace might be obvious, but not many companies invest in it. It is very hard to concentrate on work when the pain caused by bad posture comes along. Freelancers might face this problem even more often due to the fact, that they work from different places with no specific time schedule or office equipment. Silesian is a company that came up with an efficient solution, which will increase productivity with no harm to the most precious thing we have – our health. Benefit No 1: Improve productivity Being productive is one of the ergonomics […]

An Awesome Tablet Stand For People Who Are Always On The Go

Gone are the days when people aspire or look forward to having a regular 9 to 5 desk job. With the awesome advances in the world of technology and the internet, working remotely is something everyone wants to do as it gives people a chance to own their time and work at their own personal leisure. This free and flexible working structure also gives people a whole lot of freedom to pursue their dreams and hobbies, and almost everyone loves to travel, explore and have new experiences. Keeping all these logistics and pointers in mind, we have come up with […]

The All-In-One Tablet Stand for Medical Students

With the introduction of Apple’s iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, studying has been revolutionized, especially when it comes to content-heavy learning like in med school. While most medical students have been making colorful notes on good old fashioned paper, others have upgraded. After all, how easy is it to have everything in one place, from all your lecture slides to all the fantastic apps available in the Apple store to all the notes you’ve ever had to make during class? The iPad pro has made studying incredibly easy by lifting restrictions on what you can study, where you can […]

Silesian Case: Providing Entertainment with Ergonomics in Mind

Silesian is proud to support freelancers, remote working individuals and digital nomads with the world’s first ergonomic tablet case, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience when it comes to relaxing during free time. In a world that is so heavily interconnected via the web, much of the media we consume for entertainment is now readily available to be viewed on a mobile computer. The tablet allows us to engage in our hobbies, social activities and video watching capabilities wherever we are and in whatever way we like. However, whether it’s you, your children, your parents or grandparents […]

Top Three Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs

Being a Digital Nomad is an incredible way to live – from the freedom to experiencing this world’s delights – nothing compares. However, living a life of travel comes with challenges, especially if you aren’t prepared. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the top three tools every digital nomad needs in order to make life a little easier. 1. Mobile computer Obviously, without a mobile computer of some kind, a digital nomad wouldn’t be digital! Freelance writers travelling the world need something to write with, communicate with clients, keep blogs up to date; upload posts to […]

A Must-Have Portable Office for Freelancers, Teachers & Students

Whether you commute to an office building, work in a café, or study wherever you can have better focus, you’d most likely want to carry less. With the bulk that you regularly carry in your tech bag, though, you’d think that’s quite impossible. Well, true; but what if I told you there’s a briefcase with excellent ergonomics and design that you could carry around an entirely portable office or library with? Well, if you’re a teacher, student, businessman, writer, graphic artist, or any digital nomad who needs to carry a computing machine everywhere, you need to get yourself a Silesian […]

Working while Travelling made Easy with the Silesian Case

So what do you pack when you travel? Ask any traveller this question and invariably a ‘laptop’ or a ‘tablet’ pops up somewhere in the list. We have to admit that ‘ working while travelling’ has become an integral part of our lives. Even when we want to escape our daily routines and seek the solitude and beauty of travelling, we cannot bear to part with our Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or smart watches. This concept is not only confined to ’travellers’ flitting from one destination to another or to those wandering into exotic getaways but it also includes a broader […]

How To Create an Ergonomic Workstation

We spend roughly 13 hours per day sitting, according to a survey commissioned by Ergoton. We spend most of that time sitting at work at a workstation or desk. Our posture and the ergonomics of the set up has a great impact on our posture and health in general. Since you are going to be sitting at a desk all day, you may as well ensure that it is set up in such a way that you are comfortable and not causing any permanent damage to your spine. Ideal set up if you are using a desktop/laptop Ideally, feet should be […]

How Silesian Case Prevents Text Neck Among Students

Smartphones and gadgets have become an integral part of a student’s lifestyle. It is found that an average student spends over nine hours per day on their smartphone, sparing the time spent on laptops and tablets. While spending long hours on gadgets could be an issue, but the way they hold these gadgets causes more health problems than anything else. Bad postures could lead to sore neck, spine related issues and even bad eyesight. Doctors have coined a special term for such diseases, Text Neck, which is new in the medical language. Mostly, the students who are tall are often […]

How Silesian Case Prevents Tension Neck Syndrome

Tension neck syndrome usually refers to soft tissue injuries or muscle spasms. This syndrome can occur slowly or suddenly and significantly affects your occupational health. For example, if you’re sleeping in an odd position or had strained your muscles while exercising, you could develop neck tension. Hunching over your tablet or computer and grinding your teeth may also cause tension neck syndrome. This condition includes a variety of disorders that involve shoulder and neck areas, and together they are called cervicobrachial disorder. TNS can drastically affect work performance. Dr. Rachna Pande writes in the The New Times that the muscle […]

How to Stay Healthy while on your Laptop or Tablet

Ailments like the Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome, more commonly known as HOLS, are no longer restricted to office workers.  Back in the 90s, a hype grew around having everything ergonomic in office spaces – every company invested in ergonomic chairs, desks, footrests, you name it. With technology making work and info accessible from anywhere – mobiles, tablets, laptops – our daily use of our mobile computers has been prolonged significantly, but we seem to have forgotten the importance of good posture and habits to avoid long-term issues with our health. Nowadays, college students spend hours on end working on their research […]

5 Advantages to Using an Ergonomic Tablet Case

Ergonomics for mobile devices is undoubtedly a very important issue. Tablets are arguably the easiest type of mobile computer to use because they’re lightweight, super sleek and big enough to make working on them practical. Whether you work on your tablet from the office or out on the road, get the correct ergonomic set up and tablet case to best suit your body and your working needs. Working from a tablet shouldn’t mean forfeiting the huge benefits of a healthy work station. Discover the 5 advantages of an ergonomic tablet case today. An ergonomic tablet case doesn’t just have the […]

Silesian Case: A Clever Invention For Your Tablet

Each day on the market are released many inventions and interesting products. Some of them are solving problems in our daily life and deserve our attention. More and more startup companies are developing incredible gadgets. Nowadays we are using a lot of mobiles, laptops, tablets and much more new high-tech devices. It is causing us different problems with bad posture, back pains and sore neck. Many inventors are also ambitious to provide a clever and practical solution with the portability of the devices, their protection and suitability to our life. After a deep research, I found a really innovative product […]

What are the advantages of having a tablet?

When I moved from the Philippines to Aspen, Colorado for my one-year internship, all I have with me at that time was my tablet and my qwerty phone used for sending farewell messages at the airport. Fast forward to a few months of living in that little town I managed life with my tablet alone. Contact anyone with your tablet. Not having a smartphone can be quite easy especially when there’s free access to public wifi almost everywhere. In Aspen’s case, they have one at the bus station and pretty much in the other establishments too. Nowadays, most people have […]

Three Reasons Why You Need The Silesian Case For Your Tablet

Tablets have become common household devices today. Many parents use them to customize learning and fun channels for their kids, students utilise them for study, while a lot of people (like me) use them for work. The reason for this preference is not far-fetched; tablets strike a perfect balance between the desktop/laptop computers and cell phones. The tablet’s versatility and portability have elevated it to the status it enjoys today.   Common Concerns Associated with Tablet Use. We know now that tablets are a better fit in many situations. However, there are still a lot of concerns about their use. […]

4 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Should Consider Buying A Surface Pro

Living as a digital nomad is such a kind of life to envy. Having become one myself, I find buying a Surface Pro closer to being a must now rather than just an option. In fact, I’ve come up with 4 reasons why other digital nomads should consider the same. If you’re an aspiring travel blogger or any freelance writer of some sort, then join me as I try to dive into how a Surface Pro can help ease one’s digital nomadic life. Portability Whether it’s the 2017 model or 2018’s Microsoft Surface Pro 6 that you’re eyeing, both have at […]

Freelancing just got easier with the Silesian Case.

Freelancing, the offering of services to clients and businesses by a self-employed individual, has kept on growing in recent years. This increase in the number of people moving away from the traditional 8-4 jobs to a more personalized work schedule can be accredited to the immense development in technology. Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones bring about flexibility and enhance a remote work environment. Unfortunately, these devices are not always designed in line with our body’s requirements. Ergonomics, a branch of science, purposes to make better how people relate to systems and products. Consequently, work areas, environments, and […]

A mobile, ergonomic workspace for a freelance tutor

The Silesian case has enhanced my freelance tutoring business by upgrading my mobile workspace to the next level. It also allows me to practice what I preach: good posture and a healthy lifestyle. Teaching tools Integral to my freelance tutoring style is my Lenovo Miix tablet. I use it for every lesson. My lessons are far more interesting and interactive with access to online tools. These include videos, quizzes, images, definitions, interviews and sample exams or essay questions. It’s also extremely useful for monitoring my students’ progress. Protecting postures This means my students and I spend a large portion of […]

Working Mobile: Sometimes All You Need is A Change of Ambiance

Regardless of whether or not you’re a busy student tackling multiple deadlines, a fresh-out-of-college young professional, or if you’ve already been working a couple of years, it is undeniable how sometimes, work can just get exhausting. As such, one thing a lot of people may underestimate is the power of a change of ambiance. This is one big perk of being a digital nomad, or if not to that extent, at least working mobile. The word ambiance, by definition, refers to the quality, atmosphere, feeling, vibe, or character of a place or time. Sometimes, we have a tendency to fall […]

Why a tablet is essential for digital nomads

If you are a digital nomad, you need to think of smart ways to travel with everything you need. It is essential to reduce the weight and volume of your luggage. That’s exactly what a tablet will help you do. Find out how a tablet can make your life easier! Stay productive No matter in which sector you are working, a digital nomad needs to find ways to stay productive from anywhere. Chances are that you will be often on the road, either on a plane or a train. And if you are at your destination, you probably do not […]

Silesian for School: Learning with an Ergonomic Tablet Case

Coupled with today's heavier emphasis on the capabilities of mobile computing in the IT industry, tablets are being used more frequently in learning environments. In the UK, a 2014 study by Techknowledge for Schools found 69% of their 671-school sample were using tablets in education, which combined results from both primary and secondary schools who participated in the research. On a global scale, there are already several countries initiating mass mobile technology deployment schemes inside their education sector. As day-to-day use of tablet devices grows, so does the prevalence of health concerns when working with mobile computers. Silesian sought to […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Working Remotely

Are you resistant to working in one set place all the time? Do you believe in better work life balance? Are you searching for the right mobile computing set up for your business? There are multiple benefits of working remotely and some fantastic tools out there to help us all achieve the right mobile office environment. Read on to discover the benefits of working remotely and the best way to achieve a healthy and safe work station, even on your tablet. There's no denying that traditional offices are far from the ideal working environment. Fake lighting, recirculated air and constant […]

3 Tips to improve your focus when you are travelling and working

Whether you’re a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, an employee or a student, it might happen that you need to work while you’re travelling. Some people can work from anywhere but the majority usually needs a nice working atmosphere in order to focus on what needs to be done. And that’s not always easy to find when you’re not in your office. Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your focus and will allow you to work anywhere!   1. Have the right workspace Imagine you’re travelling on a train, on a plane or maybe you’re waiting for your […]

Why the tablet is the best for work

The technological know-how on the manufacture and use of tablets is increasingly getting sophisticated whereas their cost keeps coming down. Owing to this, more businesses are finding them suitable and appropriate for work. Other than business, the overall number of tablet users is also growing in the millions and this increase in number of users is attributed to the ability of tablet gadgets to efficiently carry out several tasks simultaneously. In as much as the tablet is coming out as a must-have gadget for employees, there are those who find it uncomfortable to use and would rather consider other options.  […]

The tablet case every college and university student needs

I may no longer be a University student but I know exactly what I’ll be treating myself to for Christmas, as Silesian is set to launch its ergonomic work stations to improve the lives of people who work on tablets on the go! If you’re constantly lugging around laptops and textbooks to class, you and your neck muscles will surely benefit from exploring what these cases have to offer. What causes bad posture? After going for a massage recently to try and reduce some of the knots and tightness in my neck and figure out why it might be happening, […]

Mobile Computing with The Silesian Case

Mobile Computing can simply be explained as ‘human-computer-interaction’ and is inarguably an integral part of our daily lives. Our Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or smartwatches are evidence of the current rage of easy-to-access data and information.   Whether you are a freelancer, a student, a busy mother or a multi-tasked assistant, mobile computing is what you are doing all the time.   While the reality of mobile computing has its benefits, the common woes of extensive hours of screen time especially if you are constantly on-the-go has its downside too.  This perhaps is an ideal cue to introduce the new Silesian Case. What is this […]

Silesian Case: The Helpful Hack For University Students

The life of the university students could be hard with their daily tasks and tide schedule. They always have to write projects, prepare screen-casts in groups and they have to combine these with part-time jobs or works in the campus. They are spending a lot of time reading and writing, so often they have problems with their back and neck from the uncomfortable position using tablets or laptops. The students usually have a pretty active life – going on hikes, often having meetings or they just like to study in nature. In hot countries, they can’t miss a hot day […]

Create An Ergonomic Workspace Anywhere

Are you a freelance writer? Me too! Therefore my iPad Pro is a significant part of my daily routines. You would be shocked if I told you my daily screen time. I use it for work, do research, read the news, watch videos on Youtube, play games, check my social media… The list can go on and on. I am sure most iPad Pro users can relate to that. Let’s leave pleasures and benefits of being a freelance writer aside for a while. Because now I want to talk to you about the downsides of spending a lot of time […]

Living as a digital nomad and going beyond the problems.

Digital nomadism is not a new concept anymore. A lot of us who desire to travel, work remotely without having to sit in offices for long hours. Though not having to work from 9 to 5 is a treat, digital nomadism has its own pros and cons. Here are three major problems I had faced as a digital nomad and what did I do to overcome the problems. 1. Resisting the temptation to go out. It happens a lot of times. you are at the best beach or in the middle of the mountains; you don’t want to miss the sunset or […]

5 tips for ergonomic comfort when working while travelling

The business world has evolved into one in which we can take our mobile work anywhere – whether we’re in an airport terminal waiting for a flight to our next meeting or with our feet in the sand enjoying our digital nomad life. We are no longer obliged to walk into an office between 4 walls to work, we simply open up our laptops and our work and tools we need are right there at hand. This freedom however sometimes makes us forget the importance of our own health while working on the go.  In the office, we sat in […]

Why you should use Silesian Case starting now

Technology is developing by every year as well as the products which were related to them are developing too. The Silesian Case is a brand new company which develops cases and products for handheld devices, especially for tablets. Let me tell you some few reasons that why you should use Silesian Case starting now. Suitable for every occasion The Silesian Case is perfect for students, digital nomads and so on. It is literally perfect for people who use tablets in their daily life. You can use the Silesian Case in your office or outside or even on a plane. I […]

How Silesian Case Helps to Prevent Carpal Syndrome

Are you a freelance writer, digital nomad, student or teacher? Then you might want to hear this. Jobs which involve repetitive movements over a long period increases your chances of getting carpal syndrome. Lifestyle changes, immobilization, medication and positioning your hands and wrists correctly while working can reduce or even cure the symptoms. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal syndrome is a common condition which occurs due to the repetitive motions of your wrist and hand. These repetitive motions put pressure on the median nerve. The carpal tunnel is an inch wide narrow passage in your wrist where the median nerve passes […]

Silesian Case: Enhance Productivity and Ergonomics of Tablet Use

  Are you a frequent tablet user? Ever since the advent of Apple’s iPad, tablets have become a part of people’s lives, redefining how most people work (and play) today. As a freelance writer and blogger, I use a tablet quite often, so do my kids, and I imagine many of our readers do too. The smaller size and lighter weight (portability) of these handheld devices give them an edge over the conventional desktop and laptop computers. In the paragraphs that follow I will try to break down the risks involved with long-term tablet use and some simple strategies to […]

Digital nomad healthy tips to work remotely

Whether you travel for your work or you are an independent digital nomad traveling for your projects, you probably noticed how challenging it can be for your body to adapt to different environment. It can be a real pain in the neck to find the right balance for your body when you are on the move all the time, hence don’t have a proper office! But if you love traveling as I do, you will find solutions to keep moving! Healthy tips for your belly   Food tips If you travel for work, you know how it goes… It’s all […]

3 Situations That You Need A Tablet With Silesian Case

Using a laptop may be too much of a work or using a smartphone may be inefficient when one needs to use it for hours.  As we all know, almost everybody is so into the technological devices and can never get enough of them. Some reasons include doing business as a freelancer or a regular employee, doing homework as a student, blogging, sharing posts on social media, and last but not least, communication with people. Let’s check some situations that you will feel the need of an ergonomic tablet to the max. Traveling One should admit that it may be […]

The Challenges Of Working As a Freelancer

Freelancing has become almost a right of passage for people who lean more toward creative talents and skills. Appropriately so, freelancing has always had a unique and particular appeal. However, freelancing isn’t exactly as easy and as fun as it may seem. Even though you do get bragging rights about working from home (or from anywhere, really), having your own time in your hands because you get to work whatever time you prefer, and having more personal or intimate relationships with clients since you usually talk and collaborate with them one-on-one, being a freelancer can certainly have its downs too. […]

Silesian Case: The Best Office Solution For Business Travellers

Nowadays many professionals are making long business travels. Financial analyzers, consultants, managers and many others have to travel for visiting key customers, suppliers or building new partnerships in other companies locations. Others are travelling for professional development, networking, identifying trends, extending new markets, for evaluating projects or just promoting new products. If you are one of them you already know how uncomfortable is to have all your office with you, your laptop or tablet with all presentations, tables, statistics or advertisements. The most important for you is that during your trip many times you need to work on them because […]

Get Rid Of Sore Neck while Using A Tablet

Student life is fun and games. Also a lot of work too. There is always research to do or a paper due. You end up spending hours on a tablet or laptop (in my case a tablet). That is only a portion of the hours you spend on these devices. You watch movies, keep up with social media, play games, and scroll infinitely on the websites we love. These hours you are spending staring at a screen add up. As a result, you have a sore neck all the time. Cheer up! I know an easy solution that is going […]

Make Your Work Life Easier with Ergonomic Tablet Case

Make comfort your priority no matter what you do, no matter where you are! Tablet has always been comforting and more viable option for people who are into traveling. It’s hard to carry your laptops every time you’re on the roads so, owning a tablet is highly preferable. The ease of use and portability of tablet made it a must-have gadget in every hand. But, with pros comes cons, while using the tablet you might have noticed that you sit with bent neck postures that can lead to some serious issues and can become a reason of discomfort for a […]

Tablets for University Students: The New Note-pads?

As the 21st century progresses, technology continues to grow as an integral part of our everyday lives. From checking the weather, to converting currencies, to watching how many calories we eat or how many steps we take, there is an app for everything. This is not only happening in the lives of working adults, but in the lives of our kids as well, especially when their lives are centered around learning. We see kids growing up knowing exactly how to work a tablet, or even set up a website, without hardly being taught, and with every new generation they are […]

Support Your Creative Business with the Silesian Case

Whether you are a freelance web designer or developer, a content writer or an online educator, you rely heavily on technology and productivity for your business to run smoothly. In today’s realm of mobile computing, it’s never been easier to run your creative enterprise straight from your tablet. Where tablets pose a potential setback to individuals looking to grow their online business, however, is in their practicality. Tablets are slim and portable, but freelance workers need to be flexible in their shifting work environments. The Silesian case is the world’s first ergonomic tablet stand with a brief case function, and […]

The Curious Case of Ergonomics – The Silesian Case

A thoughtfully designed briefcase for your tablet and accessories, the stylish Silesian case opens up to reveal a complete mobile workspace just about anywhere you want it to.  Not only does it provide a portable, smooth and level surface to type on anywhere or anytime;  it comes equipped with an adjustable elevated stand to hold the tablet at your most convenient height. What’s more? Whether an iPad Pro, a Google slate or the Lenovo miix, this smart case is fitted to adapt with most of the tablets currently in use. So, what makes this product different from the rest? Why should […]

Biggest Secret to Working on the Go

Technology is always advancing. Newer tablets are always coming out, and they have almost made laptops completely obsolete. This new tablet case by Silesian makes work on the go much more possible. Whether you travel for business or fun, the Silesian tablet case will help you with all your needs. The tablet has beautiful ergonomics that allow for easy work with any amount of space. The tablet case fits all major tablets: iPad pro, Microsoft surface pro, Google slate, and Lenovo Miix. Improve Your Posture The tablet case provides the perfect station to maintain a strong posture while working. Whether you’re […]

Silesian Case: A Mobile Office for Workers on the Go!

In today’s world, the workplace is constantly changing and evolving.  With advances in technology, more and more people are switching from working in traditional office settings to working from home or on the go.  People are easily able to work from their laptops and tablets right from their homes or even in remote locations.  Especially for digital nomads and people traveling for business, there is more of a need for easily accessible technology anywhere you go.  With changing technology in the workplace and increasing opportunities to work in various locations outside of the office, people are in need of solutions […]

Learning Support for Students

As teachers, we always hear the need to include technology-based learning in our classrooms.  When using tablets with 25 young children, it can be very stressful to manage the class while keeping the electronics intact. View your student’s screens easily These students are well adapted to using their own tablets at home to understand how to navigate through it.  It is extremely difficult to know if they have the right app opened and are working on the right program when their screens are lying flat on the table.  They are able to switch apps quick enough so that when you […]

Travel in Comfort: Maintaining a Healthy Posture

Many people underestimate the value of a good travel equipment. Being prepared for every situation can make your experience much more comfortable, especially when it comes to long journeys. In this article I am going to tell you how my tablet case made my trip around China. Whoever has lived in China for a while,  know very well that Chinese public transports are always packed with people: not only the subway but intercity trains too. This is especially true for national holidays: there are not many vacation days in China; hence people tend to travel all at the same time […]

The Workstation Digital Nomads Have Been Waiting For

Christmas has come early as Silesian are preparing to launch their new workstation designed for people on the go. If you work on a tablet you'll already know the trials and tribulations that we face on a daily basis. Bad posture, bulky equipment and the worry of damaging your tablet in transit are just a few of the problems that we encounter. However, the Silesian Case will answer the prayers of digital nomads across the globe. Let's take a look at how this handy briefcase is going to change your working lifestyle. Its Compact Design Is Great Are you fed […]

How to avoid back pain while traveling

Whether you travel for business or leisure, the last thing you want is to suffer from back pain or a sore neck! My back is always what I most worry about when I travel. My years of traveling experience helped me gather a few tips to help reduce back pain while traveling. Pack light: only take what you need Weight is key to travel pain-free. Either on business or leisure, check what you will really need to use every day and only bring those items. Focus on the “need to have” versus the “nice to have”. Working material When I […]

It's Tablet Time: Explore The New Generation of Tablets

Computers and laptops have a great impact on our lives and the functions they perform cannot be underestimated. In the simplest term, as students or employees, we do our easiest and essential jobs through these devices to get our lives going. It’s a well-known fact that practicality and speed of computers and laptops are being developed day by day as technology moves forward, so the functions that these devices offer us seem unlimited and are preferred by the majority of people today. However, there is a fallacy of tablets being underestimated by people as they consider them lacking some certain […]

Silesian case: The traveller's office

Ever since the age of portable computers, tablets and Ipads, protective cases have been designed to be compact, fit the keyboard and screen of your choice and be easily storable in any mode of transport, be it a car, aeroplane or bicycle.  Now, the new to the market Silesian case, with its ergonomic, eco-friendly design will provide for ease and comfort as you travel the world and write about it, study for that exam or degree or easily access your digital collection of recipes when cooking your favourite meal for family or friends. The modern traveller In times gone by […]

How to Protect your Tablet While Traveling

Ostensibly taking after Apple after it launched the iPad in 2010, some manufacturers have taken up the challenge of producing tablets that are useful to take on the road. Tablets are lighter and are more compact compared to laptops, yet they have the same core features. With a touchscreen functionality, tablets make it much easier to email and browse while on the go with most having a strong battery life that can go up to ten hours. Why a tablet is the best gadget for traveling Tablets allow for the use of various travel-friendly applications including Skype for video calls, […]

Travel Accessories for Electronics

This is a cautionary tale, about how important it is to organize your luggage when traveling. Probably not everyone has the habit of making a luggage plan before leaving, or some people might do it last minute. Even if we make a luggage plan, sometimes we forget to consider where to put what, which turns out to be a big issue once you find out that maybe your suitcases are not as spacious as you had thought. So here begins my story. The issue: protecting the devices inside your luggage I was traveling by plane to the UK, and I […]

How To Avoid Back And Neck Pain When Working On Your Tablet

Sometimes when we are working online, using our tablets can be a right pain in the neck – literally. Using portable tablets as work stations is increasing in popularity and more research is being conducted into the effect this has on our backs and necks. Are you feeling a strain on your neck? Perhaps it’s lower back pain or are you feeling a build-up of tension? Whatever form of discomfort you are experiencing, it may be the way you are using your tablet that is causing this. Here are some handy tips to help avoid ‘tablet neck’ and to help […]

Bye Bye neck pain!

When I was a younger traveler, I could sit, sleep and work in any position and feel totally fine. Posture and ergonomics had no priority for me at all. This is changing more as I am approaching my 30th birthday.  The need to improve my posture has come to my recognition, I recently stumbled upon a product that helps me correct my posture in a simplified manner that does not take much time, money or effort.     Posture matters! It really does. One of the hardest things is trying to maintain good posture if you work constantly on the […]

How Silesian Case Prevents Bad Posture and Improves Performance

Bad posture not only harms your health but also affects your confidence. If you work on a tablet or computer for hours every day, it decreases your core strength causing you to slouch. That’s bad news for your neck, back, and shoulders because bad posture causes pain and reduces your work performance. As you lose your core strength, your slouching gets even worse. Fortunately, this condition is reversible, and it usually starts with using proper ergonomically designed add-ons such as Silesian Case. Follow up with appropriate exercises and correct posture habits. The relationship between tablet and bad posture Tablets are […]

Are tablets affecting your kids posture?

Mobile devices such as tablets and iPad’s have been increasingly used by young children and teenagers. By age 3 most children in our society have been exposed to tablets and from that age on they become regular users of it. A lot of kids in today’s society spend a large portion of their day using tablets whether for entertainment or schoolwork which is causing children and teenagers to develop bad positions that affect physical health. Parents are not acquainted with the effects this issue is having on their children and how to stop it so let’s take a look at […]

Silesian Case; The go to product for Digital Nomads

The Silesian Case brings so much convenience when it comes to Digital Nomads in Freelance Writing. Other than having a stylish look, the Silesian Case is no bigger than the size of a normal laptop. It also gives you peace of mind that the contents carried by the case are safe since the case is fully enclosed and made from a shock absorbent material. Perfect Size No Occupational Health Issues As a blogger, writing is done anywhere anytime. The Silesian Case comes in handy by providing a platform which enables you to use a tablet on your lap. In addition, the […]

How to survive blogging without a laptop?

Blogging without a laptop can be quite a shock to many, but I’ve been doing it since 2011. At that time, blogging wasn’t a big thing yet as compared to what it has become now. As a freshman college student, I never knew I could in a way earn from it, as for others, make a living out of it. Despite my inconsistencies in blogging, my passion for writing made me keep coming back to it regardless of my lack of resources. Blogging without a laptop is one of the most difficult challenges I face not only as a blogger […]

The Tablet is the Future of Writing

There is an old saying that states, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Indeed, words have a lot of power. They can shape minds, influence an entire nation, and persuade people to action. Writing wields a kind of power that can be used to change the world. Writing also feeds people. It feeds them both with figuratively and literally. Words give wisdom to people, nourishing their minds. Also, words earn people money, feeding them physically. Some people love words so much that they have dedicated their lives to creating wealth all through writing. For the longest time, the preferred […]

5 reasons to buy a Silesian case

Silesian case is a tablet stand and a briefcase combined in one, which was designed to make people’s life easier and more comfortable. It allows working online from everywhere and in any position without bad posture and damage to the health. Below there are five reasons why this item should be in everyone’s to-buy list. 1. Ergonomic stands make a difference Only recently a few companies started to understand the importance of ergonomics, which aims at creating a safe workplace. People working on computers very often get injuries or chronic diseases without even realizing it. Bad posture, sore neck from […]