Working on the road: How to prevent neck pain

More and more people decide to convert their careers into a digital habitat. That is why the change of the lifestyle is certainly needed. Living in the digital times We live in a digital world and it has become completely normal to do your job or at least a part of your assignments via digital platforms. At some point, the moment can’t be correctly defined, while transitioning from doing our work physically to this new software era, we have lost track of thinking about ourselves. We’ve just forgotten how to take care of our health while working. Change is important Now, it’s time to change that. We chose to change. We chose to start caring. We are tired of a sore neck. Working on our computers or similar devices puts us in a situation where we want to take the best position to feel as much comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, these postures are not always to the best solution for our bodies. The body chooses the easiest way. It is just what the evolution gave us – to always seek the best solution. But, what is the most comfortable at the moment, can make permanent damage to our body. It can, step by step, lead us to the unbearable pain that will take years to cure, if ever. As it happened, most freelancers, chose to work while traveling. Accordingly, to that, more light and compact devices are being used, such as phones or in the best case – tablets. Tablet is a device, very convenient to use. It’s light, it does not take a lot of space, it just fits. And, what we feel is the best is the fact that it can be used in any position of our body. But, at what cost? Is it really worth it to destroy your spine and shorten the important muscles of your body that can lead to limited movements just so you can lay down on the beach while writing the article that will pay for your spot on that beach? Well, if you ask me it is not. Because, most beaches are free of charge so money does not buy everything, especially your well being. If you are one of those using tablets, great for you! They are just great! But, choose a different way! Use these perfectly designed devices while saving your health! It is not hard, you are in the right place to take the first step! Freelance writing can become much easier! The Silesian Case To improve your posture and your well being in general, while working using tablets, consider trying The Silesian Case. It is great because you can use it with Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel Slate and many more. It is ready to answer all of your needs. Its beautiful design, with the great ergonomic use, will change your everyday working life! It is created to elevate your screen so it’s more visible to you without moving your head or neck to come closer. It is stable while typing and easily changes to the modern briefcase that will also improve your style. Practically, it transforms your tablet into a multifunctioning computer that makes it easier to use it and makes it more fashionable to carry it. Name one valid reason for not trying it right away!    

An Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Briefcase in One as Birthday Gift

I celebrated my 30th birthday a couple of days ago, and that prompted plenty of reflection on the years that have gone by – who I was in my younger years, where I was headed then, and now, what I have accomplished and looking forward to my next adventures. Looking back and looking ahead, I realized that technology played and will continue to play a critical role in my life, so it’s important to get smart about how I use this blessing. Yes, despite its drawbacks I refer to technology as a blessing because it definitely helps improve our lives. As I get older, simplicity and comfort are becoming my cornerstones in life. But often, especially with technology, these two hardly come together. Apple started off well in delivering both, which is why I chose to be an Apple customer ever since college with my MacBook Pro – the old bulky one, which, 10 years later, still works well. In my later years right after college, I decided to get an iPad as it was getting harder to lug around heavy devices. I found my device of choice a few years ago: the iPad Pro. Lightweight, simple, and with a screen that’s just the right size, my iPad Pro became my best friend and colleague. The only thing missing was the perfect case. By some stroke of luck, I stumbled upon the Silesian Case just a couple of months ago and have decided to gift it to myself for my 30th birthday, confident it’s just what I’ve been looking for and just what I need as I get older. Sleek, Stylish, Superb Why does this case call out to me? Simply because it’s simple but has everything I need. The design is modern and looks nothing like an obvious tablet case. It looks quite professional and can even pass as a luxury handbag in my opinion. It’s lightweight and compact but can miraculously contain all my devices and wires in an organized fashion. A bonus is how it easily transforms into a mobile workspace that allows me to use it wherever I am and whenever I want, without causing much clutter around the area. It truly is sleek, stylish, and superb. Ergonomic and Extraordinary One aspect of my life that I’ve learned to pay more attention to as I age is my health and especially how technology affects it. To keep up in today’s world I have no choice but to depend on technology for work and play. Sadly, I’ve realized that aging with technology is not as easy as when I was younger. I’ve noticed my wrists ache faster now when using my tablet or laptop, my eyes feel strained after a few hours, and my lower back and neck ache as well if I use my devices at a bad angle. The lack of a standardized workstation takes its toll. Silesian Case solves for that with its ergonomic features to relieve the strains of using technology. With its standardized ergonomic features, I’m sure to have a more extraordinary experience with my beloved tablet. I can’t wait to receive my present and improve my future with technology!

How to make sitting less hazardous for your health.

Sitting sounds like an innocuous thing to do. For most people with office jobs, it is the most common position to get the job done. As the world advances the number of tasks that require individuals to stick on their desk and chair is increasing and the number of digital nomads is on the rise more than the previous years. The longer we sit, the more we are likely to jeopardize our health? How does sitting affect your health? 13 different studies by Harvard Medical School proved that people that sit long hours are most likely to suffer deaths similar to those with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and smoking illnesses. A great price to pay for sitting long hours! The reason sitting long hours affects one’s health has everything to do with the bodies low activity rate. Your metabolism slows down, which affects your blood pressure, blood sugar and even increases the risk of getting cancer! It’s not just about sitting long hours; it’s largely about the sitting posture. We all do it when we are working as we get tired we slouch, and this causes our muscles to work harder. This muscle fatigue is detrimental to our health. Simple solutions for making the sitting process easier! So what is the solution for many of us who have to put in over six hours at the office or write many articles in one day? It is opined to take breaks in between working hours. Get up after every hour of prolonged sitting and take a walk around your office. If you have an outside garden at your office have intervals where you move around and breathe fresh air, this can have a huge therapeutic effect too. Have lunch out of the office as often as you can and when you run office errands, resist driving around to get them done. Certain exercises can also assist one in improving a sitting posture to avoid backaches. These exercises include planks, sit-ups, and simple stretching. Better sitting posture while typing! One way to improve sitting posture is investing in equipment that can help with positioning your writing equipment in a more comfortable position for your back. Take, for example, the Silesian Case, a sitting posture solution designed to make sitting as less hazardous as possible. Just improvement in posture can go a long way in making your long office hours healthier. Not only is it perfect for office use, but if you are like many millennials that love to work and travel, you can still do your work effectively without struggling to position your equipment conveniently for your spine. Not only does avoiding sitting for a long time have benefits for your health. It’s more fun to move around the block getting your tasks done, you meet new people; you see interesting things and it gives a refreshing energy boost. To top it all off, Silesian case is here to improve your sitting posture to reduce stress on your spine and to improve the angle of your iPad Pro for more effective sight. Say goodbye to sore necks, back pains, bad posture and say hello to a healthy spine and a happier working experience. Try it now, thank the Silesian case later!

Four Challenges You'll Definitely Encounter When You Work Mobile

When you work the nomadic style, — moving from one place to another, usually not limited to a specific time — you’ll more or less encounter a few challenges that will hinder your work and your productivity. Working away from the office or away from home means that your office is never one thing for too long and the only constant thing about your working environment is that it always changes.  Most of the time, this also means that you share your temporary workspace with people who aren’t exactly a digital nomad like you. Check out the following challenges that you’re sure to encounter at least once, if not often when you work mobile.   Noise Go-to places for people who don’t in work your stereotypical office set-up often include places where food and coffee are readily available. After all, these two things are vital energy sources for when you have a lot of to-dos to tick off of your list. Thes places, however, are flocked to by people who don’t exactly have work in their mind and when there are more people, it means that there’s more noise to be made. While some people have the ability to block or mentally mute the noise present in their working environment, there can still be times that it might feel impossible to hear yourself think. A common way some people battle this would be drowning out external noise with some music blasting through headphones. Others, however, would choose a different venue altogether. Back or Neck Pain Although this particular problem isn’t necessarily limited to those who work mobile, it might be more evident for those who do. In a typical office set-up, at least you have a chair, a desk, and bright enough lighting. However, if you work mobile, you’re working on your tablet or laptop sitting on couches, on beds, or even on the floor which isn’t exactly ideal for your posture. If you work mobile on a tablet, a great way to combat this would be to choose a case that can adjust to your ergonomic needs. Like that of Silesian Cases, you can take the extra measure to purchase a case that can adjust to your eye level and reduce causes for discomfort caused by long-term bad or improper posture. Internet Speed and Internet Access Although free wifi or internet access has practically become a basic service provided by all sorts of merchandisers (even in public places like train stations), when you travel from country to country, sometimes internet access can be a little bit of a challenge to overcome. Some countries provide easier access, some countries have slower speed than others; so this could also affect your work when you travel at the same time. It’s just one of those things you’ll have to work around. Plugs and Sockets The plugs and sockets for electricity vary in different countries. Even the standard voltage can be different depending on where you are. As such, making sure you have access to your charging needs can pose a small challenge when you’re in a foreign place. One way to battle this challenge is the way traveling multimedia content producers (such as travel writers, bloggers, or vloggers) decide to invest in a universal extension cable or cord. This generally works like a universal remote for your television, except for plugging stuff in. Otherwise, you can always do a little bit of research before heading to the country of your next temporary office.   Every working situation has its own pros and cons. When it comes to working mobile, it’s still an appealing lifestyle […]

The best tablet case for a freelance tutor

As a freelance tutor, my tablet is an integral part of my business. It’s my mobile classroom. All my lessons involve my tablet, whether to check my lesson plan, track my students’ progress, watch a short video or complete an interactive activity. Without it, my lessons would be much more boring and far less accurate. Ultimately, my business would suffer. As such, protecting my tablet is of utmost importance. Why tablet cases are important Although perhaps cheaper than a laptop, tablets are still a considerable investment. It’s important to make sure they are protected no matter how you use them. This is why choosing a tablet case is almost as important as choosing the tablet itself. Tablets are investments that need to be protected. How to choose the best tablet case Just after I purchased my tablet, I started my online search for the best tablet case for freelance tutors. I was overwhelmed by the choice. So I came up with a list of questions to narrow down the huge range of products. Here I discuss each factor: What is the purpose of the tablet? Is the tablet for personal or professional use? Will it be used in business environments or in casual settings? As a freelance tutor, I needed a professional tablet case. My mobile classroom must show that I am organised, reliable, serious about teaching and provide the best level of service possible. So, with this in mind, I needed something conservative but also sleek and stylish. Importantly, my teaching style is holistic. I don’t just focus on teaching English; I also instruct about healthy lifestyle choices. This includes the proper use of technology and paying attention to ergonomics. I needed to find a case that also functioned as an ergonomic stand to support my students’ postures. The Silesian tablet case transforms into an ergonomic stand. Who will be the primary user(s)? Is it just for one person or many people? Will adults or children use it? Although it is my tablet, it’s a teaching tool so lots of people use it. Many of these users are children. I had to be sure that whichever case I chose, it would be sturdy and stable enough to protect my tablet from clumsy little hands, especially when functioning as a stand. The case also had to be ergonomic to encourage healthy postures. Where will the tablet be used? Will the tablet mostly be on the couch, in an office, travelling, in coffee shops, etc? How much protection does it need? The more travelling a tablet does, the more protection it needs. Being a freelance tutor means being highly mobile. I teach in a variety of locations, from students’ homes to their offices to coffee shops. I needed to find a tablet case that offered exceptional protection while I travel and that was highly portable. The stand also had to be sturdy and adaptable to a variety of surfaces. The Silesian tablet case offers ample protection on-the-go. The best tablet case for a freelance tutor After much consideration, I chose the Silesian tablet case. The slim briefcase style is professional and easy to quickly set up into an ergonomic stand. What’s more, as a stand it’s stable and safe for children to use, even when interacting with the touchscreen. It’s light enough to carry all day long while providing protection during my commute. While it took me some time to decide on the best tablet case for me, I am more than happy with my decision. The Silesian tablet case is perfect for a freelance tutor.

Work Anytime, Anywhere Without Compromising Your Health

The new day and age of professionalism do not require a fixed workplace, per se. Freelancing is the new trend and why shouldn’t it be? Not only does it let people work at their own pace, but they can do it at their comfort as and when they wish. One of the biggest perks of working freelance is that you don’t have to report to an office. In fact, you can be traveling on your job. And who doesn’t like to travel? Most freelancers love taking this freedom of mobility up almost immediately as it lets them grow and gather more experiences, and who doesn’t enjoy making memories! Traveling on the job sure does have many perks, but there are some issues which freelancers face on day to day basis. As awesome it is to not have a regular desk job, many freelancers suffer from health problems like back and neck pain, a strain on the eyes from using a tablet way too close to their face, and many more. So the best solution that comes up to combat this occupational health hazard is the Silesian case!   What is a Silesian Case? A Silesian case is an ergonomic solution to working on the go. It is essentially a smartly designed stand which can hold your tablet while you rest it on any flat surface or even your lap. All you need to do is open up the Silesian case, set it up according to your liking (you can choose the angle at which you want to set it) and work away! When closed, a Silesian case looks like a sleek briefcase which is light and easy to carry around. You can slip this into your backpack or just hold it by the handle and carry it around with you.   How does a Silesian Case help you? If you have experience using your smartphone or tablet on any type of public transport or any other place where you don’t have any place to set your device, you would know the feeling of discomfort that comes along with working on the go. From devices slipping out of your hands, to annoying aches in your neck, back, eyes, arms and so on. It also does not give you the peace of mind, something that you need when you want to be productive at work. When you use a Silesian case, you are alleviating all this suffering by just using one single stand for your device. The Silesian case has an inbuilt mouse and an ergonomic keyboard which lets you scroll or type without any problem. The stand is lightweight so it doesn’t act as an additional burden when you are on the go.   Perks of owning your own Silesian Case The advantages of having your own ergonomic tablet stand are endless, but let us list it out for the convenience of our readers – It is designed for travelers and freelancers who are always on the move It is compact and light and can be carried as a briefcase when you are not using it Once opened, you can fix your device (Apple iPads, Google Slate, Tablets, etc) and start working right away It has a high-grade mouse built into the design of the case You reduce the chances of dropping your device and causing harm to it You maintain good posture and do not stress your eyes out You can rest your wrists comfortably, causing in less pain in the arms and wrists You can keep all your tablet supplies in handy when you are using the case. The […]

Tablet Case Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a tablet user then you must understand the need of buying a tablet case! Tablet has undoubtedly made our lives convenient, we can now go travel anywhere wit, we can now go travel anywhere without worrying about our work. The easy-to-use tablets give you an opportunity to make your work life easier. But excess you anything isn’t good, agree? Well, the case is the same with tablets. The prolonged usage of this gadget can lead to some serious problems like neck strains, posture issues and many more. But, you live in the world of innovation, remember? Now you must be thinking about buying a tablet case, isn’t it? But wait! You, of course, need to buy it but only after understanding the things that must be in your tablet case! Here are the things to consider before buying a tablet case: Is it Adjustable? Well, this is a must! Your posture has to be straight and for that, you need a case that elevates according to your height. The adjustable screen mechanism holds the tablet screen up which allows you to sit straight without leaning forward that too with a high-resolution display. Is it Lightweight? Before buying a tablet case ensure that the case is lightweight and is easy to carry. The lighter the case, the easier it will be for you to carry it around without much hassle. Without compromising on its durability and stability, the case should maintain its ability to control the stand with perfection. Is it an Ergonomic Stand? For freelancers and travelers, an ergonomic stand solves most of their problems. Giving an option to keep the tablet on your lap as a laptop saves you from the hassle of carrying the heavy laptops wherever you go! Offers the Desired Protection? Make sure that your tablet case possesses an ability to enclose your tablet from all sides in order to protect it from instant droppings. The cover should be made of high-quality shock absorbent composite material to ensure that your device stays in pristine condition. Does it serve as a Carrying Case? In order to keep all your tablet accessories organized you need a case that also serves as a briefcase. It should be your perfect portable workstation. With enough room to keep your items intact, get an ergonomic tablet case that combines functionality and style, a case that will carry all your gears and reduce your chance to forget things. So, now you must be thinking about where to find this perfect tablet case? Does it even exist? Well, you live in the world of innovation, so yes; Silesian has come up with stylish and functional tablet cases that are designed with precision and control. The functional Silesian tablet case cases won’t interrupt your relationship with your favorite tablet. Now you don’t need to worry about the strain on your neck or the posture issues, you are now going to be all fine! Understanding that comfort is your priority, Silesian cases are just what you’ve been searching for.

5 Benefits of Blog Writing

Writing is one of the things I love doing ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I am so much into writing on my diary sharing my thoughts and experiences on that day. When I have grown into a teenager, several social media sites came out. From those platforms, I have learned to express myself in the form of writing, and eventually, signed up in a blogging platform. I have switched to different blogging sites until I finally had my domain name. Before blogging became a thing, I never knew anyone benefits from it. Little did I know that it could eventually turn into a fulltime or even just a freelance career. Throughout the years, I may not have been consistently writing, but I always find myself coming back to blogging. Here’s why: Writing down thoughts In my first few years of blogging, my blog has been somewhat my online diary. Writing has been an outlet for me, not only to share my insights but also to share a portion of my life. While others are very expressive talking, I find myself more expressive when writing. It gives me that sense of fulfillment sharing my outfits, the events I have attended to, my immersions in college, and even our travel adventures. Also, it can give you a lot of health benefits mentally and emotionally. The things you couldn’t seem to say you can convey in writing. It just makes you feel better once you have written the ones that have been stressing you out the most. At that time, I didn’t care if anyone would read my blog posts as long as I get to post it. Develop good writing skills A few years back, there were no grammar apps to help you with writing. You proofread everything manually and have to ask others to help you check if your grammar is correct. This way, it has helped me and still helps me improve my writing skills. Come on it’s not every day that you get to write an essay, so where else can you develop it? Engage through writing One thing I have learned in blogging is to give. When you write comments on other people’s blog posts, it makes the writer feel appreciated. By taking a little of your time showing support, encouragement, or even feedback means a lot. This way, you get to build relationships with other writers and benefit from it by receiving comments on your blog posts too. Nowadays, I have been more actively engaging in my Instagram posts than on my blog posts. But when I do and like how I used to, I love to use my tablet to check out other people’s blog to leave comments about their posts. A few weeks back, I have discovered Silesian Case which serves as a briefcase and a stand for your tablet. This way, you get to elevate the screen which is good for your posture and eyesight. With the use of your keyboard, you can comfortably type by using the Silesian Case as your tablet stand. It surely makes the work a lot easier! Freebies for writing product reviews For the past year, several brands and companies email me to try their products for free in exchange for a blog post review or even a haul. This way, you get to receive free items, you get to write content for your blog, and promote the brand too. It benefits both the writer and the company. Writing opportunities Aside from receiving freebies, I also get to have more writing opportunities. I acquire paid blog […]

The all-in-one workstation for your tablet

Having a Tablet is pretty cool. It’s basically this mini-laptop (or big phone) you can take anywhere with you. It allows you to watch movies, do your work, play games, read the news etc. So it can be pretty handy. That said, it isn’t perfect. A lot of Tablet users suffer from bad posture, strained muscles, and strained eyes. This is because the Tablet was designed around maneuverability, and as such sacrificed some otherwise necessary features. Enter the Silesian case. This case was designed to support and cover all the drawbacks of using a ‘Tablet. We’ll be talking more about it and describing its features in our article below. Check it out. The Silesian Case The Silesian is basically a briefcase for your Tablet. It’s built with ergonomics in mind and it opens up into a comfortable and portable workstation. It elevates your tablet, bringing it closer to your line of sight, which in turn improves your posture. It’s not much bigger than your average laptop and it is made with materials that both protect your tablet and cushion it from day to day impacts. Finally, the case is large enough that you can carry your charger, your wallet and a few other things inside of it. Designed around occupational health The idea behind the briefcase was to solve the problems you’d get with Tablets. Typically when using a tablet, you have to rest it on your thigh, hold it up with your hands, look down as you use it etc. All of this limits how you can use it and for how long. It is exhausting to keep holding it up and it isn’t very conducive for doing work. For some people, this also leads to long-term issues. Having to strain as you look at your tablet can give you a sore neck, weaken the muscles around the back, around your shoulder and can even strain other groups of muscles. By raising and slightly slanting the Tablet. The Silesian case allows you to work whilst having a straight back and without having to crane your neck to look at the Tablet. This makes it comfortable to work for long hours and it allows you to keep your hands free for other uses; like typing or using a mouse. Who should buy one? People who would like to have a comfortable workstation with them wherever they go should invest in this case. If you are a businessman, digital nomad, traveler etc. and often find yourself in uncomfortable locations with a pending workload. The case will for sure come in handy. It will allow you to set up a comfortable and familiar environment to get work done on the go. The case is also recommended for kids. It is not uncommon for children to have and use Tablets these days, and often very frequently. Using the case will encourage them to have good posture and not have to strain when using their Tablet. Not using the case could encourage bad habits that could stick with them for life.

4 Essential Tips To Work While Travelling

As a student who always loved traveling and now as a freelance writer keeping on the road, I’ve worked during my trips countless times. Even if it’s not always easy to keep working when you’re visiting a different city or country, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Working in new places might even be beneficial and improve your creativity. With digital nomadism becoming more popular and flights getting cheaper and more accessible, I believe this is a relevant issue nowadays. From my own experiences, I picked up a couple of tips that will hopefully help any travel affectionate to work on the road. 1. Set up a time to be a tourist and a time to work Keeping up with your work and traveling requires dedication and some planning. If you have a deadline to meet, think how long you’ll take to accomplish your task, and give yourself some extra time to avoid last minute stress. This way, you won’t need to worry when it’s time to be a tourist and explore a new city. Setting up a working schedule is a good idea if you find it difficult to commit to your work. 2. Get comfortable and stay healthy When you work on the road, your office might be an airport, hotel or coffee shop – but that should not mean occupational health standards no longer apply! Regardless of your location, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable while working. Make sure you can see your device screen clearly without leaning forward. Sit up straight, ensuring that there’s no tension on your spine or strain on your neck. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time sitting on a desk, looking at a computer. A healthy body is a healthy mind! 3. Travel light If you have to work during your travels, it is essential that your gear is as light as possible, easy to carry and protected from impacts and damage. If you have a laptop, a backpack with a special pocket for it would be a good investment. Besides protecting the computer, it also allows you to take some more stuff and it’s easy to carry. I like to have my laptop, wallet, camera, water, and snacks all in the same place, so I can easily access them. If you prefer tablets, this 2 in 1 briefcase and stand is perfect for it. Tablets these days are able to do pretty much anything a computer does, and since they are lighter, they are a good option for travelers. The less weight to carry around, the better! 4. Be prepared to have weak or nonexistent Wi-Fi Even if you anticipate having internet connection, I recommend to always have something downloaded for offline use. In many countries, especially outside Europe and North America, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work in perfect conditions, and you might find yourself working somewhere where it doesn’t even exist. Besides that, most times I carry a small notebook and a pen, just in case something happens to my electronics. Better be safe than sorry!   Don’t think of working while traveling as something boring. It is the ultimate professional freedom! Enjoy the opportunity to find nice spots in a different city or to sit somewhere and watch the locals around you. You might find your work more enjoyable and freeing this way!

How Silesian Case Prevents Heartburn and Slowed Digestion

It’s quite surprising isn’t as to how Silesian Case would prevent heartburn and slow digestion? Well, the Harvard researchers say that slouching promotes indigestion and slowed metabolism. These two factors may significantly affect your occupational health and can drastically reduce your performance at work. How does poor posture cause heartburn When you’re hunched over and working on your tablet or computer all day, your digestion process gets disturbed. This lousy posture reduces the space for the vital organs in your body. In such a case the stomach acid used for digesting food will be blocked, and it will flow back into your esophagus and will cause a burning sensation in your chest. Slouched posture especially after a meal puts pressure on your abdomen and forces your stomach acid in the wrong direction. Good posture is not only about appearance, but it also plays an important function in reducing the symptoms of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease and also helps in proper digestion of food. Simple Tweaks for Gut Friendly Posture Poor posture has an impact on the optimum functioning of your gut. Your post lunch discomfort and bloating have nothing to do with what you eat but how you sit. Have regular breaks It’s not enough that you workout in the gym for some time and then be desk-bound throughout the day. Moving a bit during the day helps in mobility and posture. Mindful eating Avoid slouching while you’re eating and keep a small cushion against your lower back. This action helps to maintain a good posture. Practice better breathing Slow abdominal breathing helps you to relax and rest and acts as an instant stress reliever. Moreover, it enhances the functioning of your gut. Exercising your diaphragm that’s usually affected by slouching eases your digestive process. Ergonomic desk If you’re going to use a tablet for prolonged periods using a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and a raised screen would be an excellent ergonomic option. Tablet stands positions the tablet screen for optimal viewing. Optimal would be 15 to 20 degrees tilted upwards facing the user and raises the height of the tablet as well. Using a separate keyboard or a mouse helps improve the ergonomics significantly. A separate keyboard will improve the position of the hands. Additionally, it will increase the typing speed for most users. How Silesian Case helps to reduce Heartburn and slowed digestion If you’re a freelancer, then you may be using your tablet while you’re on the move. Silesian Case has the lapability factor where you can place the tablet on your lap while you’re working. Moreover, the case has a strong base which acts as a platform to use your tablet. The stand holds your tablet screen in a comfortable position so you can clearly see without leaning forward. This option helps you to sit up straight without slouching. Correct posture gives the much-needed space for your vital organs and prevents heartburn and slowed digestion. An elevated screen prevents slouching and increases your gut health.    

Travel and Work: 5 Ways to make Money Online

Whether you’re hanging out at a local breakfast bar, relaxing in the communal area of your hostel or passing time on a 16 hour long haul flight, there are multiple ways to travel and work. With more and more companies offering ways to make money online to anyone with a tablet and internet connection, there’s never been a better time to make money when you travel. 1. Write about travel There will always be a demand for those who love to explore to write about travel. Whether you write directly for a travel company or start your own travel blog, sharing your experience and knowledge is invaluable to other people visiting an area for the first time. If you enjoy a tour, airline or travel gadget, approach online platforms to share your feedback with, from other travel bloggers who have a well established following to companies that directly sell the product you enjoyed. Tip: Starting a travel blog helps you learn writing skills and discipline whilst also offering multiple other ways to make money online. 2. Become a travel influencer With the right message, colour tones and promotion, if you can grow a travel audience through social media, travel companies will be keen for you to advertise their product to your readership. Work out what you want to say and what you want to promote. Be a positive travel influencer who believes in and would use the things they promote online. This way, you will enjoy greater longevity and can feel proud of what you do, making travel and work enjoyable. Tip: Be honest in your posts. You would be amazed how many people love to see the truth of travel; all the nitty gritty and hardships experienced along the way. Why? Because it’s far more relatable. 3. Advertise on your travel website If you choose the travel writing route and create a travel blog of your own, you can use this platform to promote and advertise other companies by installing advertising tools. Multiple people pay for advertising space on websites based on how many visitors you get to your page and how many adverts can be presented to your readers. This is one of the most passive ways to make money online. Tip: Quite often you don’t get a say over what is advertised on your platform which can be off putting initially. But once your website is established and your message is clear, most advertising platforms will try to match potential readers to what you do in order to achieve a higher click through rate. 4. Earn money from travel affiliates Whether you use a travel blog or prefer social media accounts, a great way to travel and work is through affiliation with companies and products you use, like and want to support. Some smaller companies are not able to offer affiliation, but larger companies such as global hotel booking platforms or airline comparison websites, will offer affiliate programmes. Simply sign up and create links to their products. When a reader or follower clicks on the link, and then makes a purchase, you earn a commission on that sale. The affiliation link doesn’t affect the price the customer pays and commission rates vary from brand to brand. Tip: It is always best to promote the companies you book with yourself and the products you use. 5. Teach English online One of the most popular and successful ways to make money online whilst you travel is to teach a language. Online language schools offer the chance to build your own timetable of clients. Sometimes, all that can be involved is a […]
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