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SilesianCase Ergonomic Tablet Stand & Case in one.

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On the move - it’s a slim briefcase to carry your tablet and accessories. When you arrive it transforms into a complete mobile workspace - with a surface for typing anywhere and an elevated stand allowing you to elevate your tablet to a comfortable viewing position.

A briefcase for your Tablet

When you aren't using it, the Silesian Case looks like a simple briefcase or document folder. Its fully enclosed and made from a shock absorbent composite material that protects your device from impacts and damage during daily transit. Not much bigger than a normal laptop - you can barely tell that inside is a complete ergonomic mobile workstation.

Becomes An Ergonomic Desk for Your Lap

Lapability is the ability to use a device on your lap, and unfortunately it's an aspect where tablets fail miserably. The Silesian Case is not only an ergonomic stand & case - its also firmly attached to a stable base to provide a platform for you to use your tablet PC on your lap, without fear of it dropping on the floor.

Elevates Your Screen & Improves Posture

The ergonomic stand holds your tablet screen up so you can see clearly without leaning forward, and allows you to make full use of the high resolution display. By doing this you can sit up straight while still seeing what appears (by perspective) as a full sized laptop screen.

Perfect for Typing

Every aspect of the design has been considered for the human form, including a firm but spongy base for you to rest your wrists on while typing, putting the keyboard to be in a sunken position relative to the hands allowing a more neutrtal wrist position while typing or using a touchpad.

Take everything with you

When you are headed to class or a meeting with your tablet there is always the nagging question : do I have enough battery? You never really know, and there's nothing worse than having to carry around a useless, dead device. No need to worry, because the Silesian Case actually has room for all your accessories.

+ Full sized Tablet PC
+ AC Adapter & Charger
+ Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
+ Mobile Phone
+ USB Battery Pack
+ Wallet & Passport
+ USB Accessories

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